Smart Homes Are So Famous, But Why?

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This technology is changing the world. It has people talking. It is changing a wide array of industries. But, why is that so? Here are a few reasons why smart homes are so famous.

It’s Been Around The Block

Smart home technology has been here for a while actually. The first concepts were developed back in 1966-1967. The ECHO IV and the Kitchen Computer were the first of their kind. The ECHO IV could compute shopping lists and even switch appliances on and off. This technology has had time to build a reputation for itself. Read on to see how it lives up to it.

It’s Easy To Use

These products are designed with the customers in mind. It’s supposed to be easy to use. Many new features make this technology faster and cheaper to use. Automating your home has many benefits. Here are a few.

Voice Control

The smart home industry has many trends within itself. There is a growing demand for voice control. 72% of Americans with smart home devices want voice control capability. This feature supplies a whole new level of home automation. You can now operate smart appliances by simple voice commands. You can even make purchases over your smart appliances by voice control.

If This Then That

The term If This Then That (IFTTT) is borrowed from developers and coders. It basically means specific actions will trigger specific reactions. Millions of apps use this technology. These apps can connect different appliances in your home to create even greater synergy. For instance, you can set your IFTTT app up to wait for your smart alarm to go off. Your alarm will trigger your smart coffee machine. It will switch on your smart lights. It will open your smart blinds and it will cue your smart speakers to play your favorite early morning tunes.

It Saves Money

These products can be pricey. But, smart home technology is also designed to save some cash. 45% of American smart home owners save about $98,30 per month. That adds up to a yearly saving of $1’179,60. Over a year you can make up for the cost of your smart product. Think of all the products you can buy with $1’000. Products like smart thermostats are great at saving money.

It can save about 20% of your yearly warming and cooling costs. Understand the capability of your smart products. Apply it effectively and save a fortune.

It Saves Time

Time is the most valuable resource of all. Smart homes can also help to save it. 57% of American smart home owners claim to save about 30 minutes per day. That adds up to a week saved per year. Think about all the many things you can get done with an extra week on your hands.

Your Health Will Benefit

Smart homes prove to be good for human health. It has many features and designs to help improve human life. Smart ovens and microwaves have new cooking techniques. It helps to reduce the amount of oil in the foods it cooks. Less cooking oils lead to better cholesterol levels. Some smart ovens know when your dish is perfectly cooked. No more burnt roasts.

Download healthy recipes from the internet onto your smart refrigerator. Then have it read those recipes back to you as you cook it. A lack of inspiration should never curb your diet again.

Its Safety Features

Smart security products are among the top used smart home devices. It’s no wonder then that 62% of American smart home owners chose better security as the top benefit derived from smart homes. 3 out of 5 Americans buy smart security products with which to monitor their homes.

They do it through their smartphones. 76% of smart home products are currently controlled through the use of smartphones. Analysts believe the smart security industry will be worth $47 billion in the year 2020.

Famous For A Reason

It’s clear why this technology is so famous. It’s not only changing America. It is changing the world. Its benefits are useful. From saving time to saving money and all the other pros between. Your life can also be improved by these products. Go experience it yourself.

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