Surprising Places Where Pests Could Be Hiding In Your Home

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You can increase the value of your home by getting rid of household pests. Studies have found that up to 50% of British homes have a pest problem. You might think that you’re one of the lucky ones and that pests have decided to leave your home well alone. But there’s a good chance they’re lurking in one of the following places without you even knowing. 


Kitchen cupboards

Have you ever opened your kitchen cupboards and noticed tiny black bugs hovering around? There are several different bugs these could be, including sugar ants, flour beetles, drain flies, and rice and grain weevils. These pests will spoil food by nibbling on it, and some will even lay their eggs on food. They also breed fast, so your cupboards could soon be riddled with them. Get the vacuum out and clean the kitchen cupboard at the first sign of a bug in your cupboards. You should then disinfect the cupboards with spray and water. Then, place all food in sealable containers before putting it back into your cupboards.


Your wardrobe

Moths are common household pests that you’ll find in your wardrobe. It’s usually easy to identify that they’re hiding out among your clothes as they eat clothing. You can get rid of moths by regularly airing your wardrobe and leaving the doors open (just remember to close them before a viewing). You probably don’t know that other nasty pests, including rodents, can hide in your wardrobe. Wardrobes are comfortable, peaceful, and dark, making the perfect home for rodents like mice. The problems with this are that mice carry diseases and they damage clothing. You also don’t want them to sneak out of the wardrobe and run around your house when you’re not home. This comes with issues like chewed wires and electrical issues. You can stop rodents from damaging your home by sealing up all cracks and holes in your home. Hiring a pest control pro can help, too. And, keep your wardrobe as clean and uninviting as possible.


Soft furnishings

You might think your home is safe from fleas if you haven’t got a cat or dog. But this isn’t the case. Any home can get fleas, and the last thing you want is a prospective buyer to be bitten by one when they view your property. Fleas like soft furnishings the best and are commonly found on sofas, cushions, curtains, and bedding. If you have a pet, you can prevent fleas by using flea treatments prescribed by your vet. Banish fleas from your home by regularly vacuuming, including carpets, hard floors, sofas, and mattresses. You should also routinely machine wash things like cushion covers and duvet covers at a high temperature.


Behind appliances

You’re unlikely to regularly pull out large appliances like your washing machine, oven, fridge-freezer, or tumble dryer, which is why pests take advantage of hiding out in these spots. Any appliances with a heat source, such as an oven and a tumble dryer, appeal to firebrats because they love warmth. You can keep firebrats away from your home by sealing up holes and cracks with caulk and sealant. Regularly pulling out your appliances and doing a deep clean is also a good idea. Cockroaches are another pest that hides out behind appliances, particularly washing machines. It’s even possible for them to set up a home inside them. You can eliminate cockroaches by using insecticides or mixing borax with sugar and sprinkling it around appliances where you think they could be lurking. 


In the Garage

Around 11 million British homeowners have a garage, according to the RAC. There are many advantages to having a garage; they’re a big selling point for a property. But, they’re also a great place for pests to hang out. Rats, mice, moths, spiders, silverfish, and earwigs are just some of the pests in your garage. 6 million Brits say that their garages are packed full of junk. Junk provides a nest and food for pests, so keep yours as clean and clutter-free as possible. You should also check for any cracks in the foundations of your garage and have them repaired. Avoid keeping food in your garage, too, as this will lure pests in.


Drains & Pipes

You’re sure to thoroughly clean your kitchen and bathroom before a house viewing. But it’s important not to forget about cleaning the drains out. Many pests hide out in drains and pipes, so one of them may make an appearance just as potential buyers are looking around. The pests most likely in your drains are silverfish, drain flies, cockroaches, and fruit flies. You can keep these pests away by mixing a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of baking soda and salt. After 24 hours, pour boiling water down the drain to give it a good clear-out. You ideally need to do this 1 to 2 times per month to keep pests away and your home happy and healthy.

Household pests won’t always be in plain sight. This is why you must take preventative action to keep them away from your home. After all, there’s nothing worse than stumbling across one in the middle of house viewing.


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