The 4 Best Places To Live In The Houston Area

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With a booming labor market and affordable suburbs, Houston is quickly gaining attention as a desirable place to move.

The US economy is still hot, but some areas of the country are not seeing those gains. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of prospects, then a move to Houston is never a bad idea. 

No city is perfect, and Houston has pros and cons, so it deserves a closer look to make sure you end up in the right place. Where should you move in the Houston area? 

Here’s a list of some of the best suburbs to live around Houston.


1 – Katy, TX


Just a few minutes outside of downtown Houston, this suburban town feels more like a village than it does a bedroom community.

With beautiful parks, a vibrant food scene and a small-town feel, you will love feeling like you’ve found a place to enjoy without needing to go into the city for some signs of life.

Home builders in Katy TX can get you in a brand-new house with a range of prices from starter home, to luxury. Your money goes a long way in this area. 


2 – The Woodlands


If you like more of a city atmosphere without living in the heart of Houston, then the Woodlands is going to be the place for you.

With over 100,000 people living there it is more of a city than a suburb with all the amenities a city offers. Amazing parks, world class restaurants, golfing and other outdoor activities all make this an ideal location for the urban dweller.

Originally designed as a bedroom community decades ago, it has morphed into a more modern style suburb.  With lots of jobs locally, you may not even have to commute the 45 minutes it takes to get into downtown Houston.


3 – Sugar Land, Texas


One of the fastest growing cities in Texas, Sugar Land is becoming a city unto itself rather than a satellite of Houston. 

A great place to raise a family, there are excellent schools as well as museums and family events to keep you and your kids busy all year round. 

With plenty of shopping, dining options and parks, there is little reason to venture beyond the city limits.


4 – Clear Lake, Texas


Lake living plus seashore nearby makes Clear Lake one of the most ideal places to live around Houston.

With an easy commute to downtown, you can come home to feel like you’re on vacation. 

Practically in your backyard you have the Bayou Wildlife Park where you can easily spend the better part of your day off from work. The Space Center Houston is also nearby for those interested in the space culture of the area as it was important to NASA from the Apollo missions through the Space Shuttle’s.

A huge boardwalk along the namesake lake brims with restaurants, shopping and even an amusement park.


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