The 5 Benefits of Improving Your Home Water Quality

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Hard water has minerals causing a buildup in your appliances and pipes, costing your heavy repair bills. It also hinders the flow of water through pipes requiring higher pump pressure. Hence, more energy will be required to keep water cold or hot. 

The buildup can also harm your water-based appliances, resulting in higher replacement or maintenance costs for your washing machines, dishwasher, geyser, ice makers, and coffee machines, etc.

What’s even worse—hard water is also bad for your hair and skin! Getting a water softening solution can highly improve your home’s water quality. Here are 5 benefits of doing so; 

1. Saves money

Water softening saves you money on plumbing, replacement or maintenance of appliances, and utility bills. 


The minerals in hard water stick to form a buildup that clogs your pipes. This can cause serious damage to your plumbing, requiring costly repair work. 


Scale buildup can hamper an appliance’s efficiency and performance while also shortening its lifespan. Installing adequate water softening or conditioning solutions can prevent this and help you save up on replacement and repair costs. 

Gas or electric bills:

In a clogged pipe,  there’s less space for water to pass. Higher water pressure is required to make the water push through, using up more energy. 

Clogged pipes also fail to conduct heat efficiently, which means you’ll need to turn up the water heater to compensate. This results in a much more expensive electric or gas bill which can be avoided with a water softening system. 

For extra savings, go for salt free water softeners as they work without electricity. 

2. Softer skin and cleaner hair

Soft water has a variety of skin and hair health benefits. It can also reverse some of the damage caused by hard water due to natural oil loss in hair and skin. 


Showering and bathing in hard water can harm your skin’s health as it strips away its natural oils. It can cause itchy, dry, and irritated skin. With fewer minerals in soft water, your skin finds it easier to pick and hold moisture. 


Soft water helps in balancing the hair’s pH level. On the other hand, hard water dries it out, dulls its colour, and makes it feel frizzy and brittle.

The whole showering experience can also benefit from soft water. With clogged pipes, your shower’s water pressure declines. It makes it harder to rinse away the soap off your body or hair, which isn’t ideal for hair and skin health. 

3. Softer, cleaner, brighter clothes

Washing clothes with soft water preserves their new and fresh feel while hard water does the opposite.

Soft water lathers up easier, and deeper lather results in more effective cleaning. colouring clothes in hard water means the mineral content in them will leave deposits on the fabric. Eventually, this causes their colour to start fading. Whites become dingy, and brighter shades become dull. 

With soft water, you won’t need to use as much detergent or fabric softeners. 

4. Clean dishes

Anyone living in an area with hard water will tell you how hard it is to keep dishes clean. Regardless of which detergents or soaps you use or how many times you try washing them, your silverware and glass will be left with a cloudy appearance upon drying off. That’s because of the minerals in hard water. 

A water softener can address this problem’s root cause by improving the water quality at your home. It gets rid of the minerals to make sure your dishes don’t have any residue on them when they dry off.

Moreover, as soaps work much better with soft water, you’ll have a lot more lather to work with as you do the dishes, enhancing cleaning. 

5. Save time on cleaning 

As we’ve discussed above, cleaning is a nightmare with hard water. Besides, you also need to clean much more frequently if your house has hard water. 

Scrubbing the walls due to a buildup of soap scum and chalky lime, constantly having to re-wash your laundry and the dishes, cleaning showers, faucets, sinks. Ugh! 

As soft water dissolves soap well, you won’t find any dried-up soap scum gathering up anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen—voila! 


Ref number: THSI-2378

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