The 5 worst mistakes when selling your home

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Selling your home can be a stressful, drawn-out affair, and when you’re stressed it’s easy to make silly mistakes. Here are some of the worst things you can do when you’re trying to sell your home.











Appearing too desperate to sell up



You’re selling your house for a reason. Perhaps you hate the neighbourhood, the neighbours, or it may just be time to move on. Whatever your reasons, you shouldn’t give the impression that you’re desperate to leave this place. Prospective buyers will question why. I visited a house in a bad area and the current occupiers were so desperate to prove that the area was safe; they claimed they don’t even lock their car doors. I tried the car door… It was locked.

Over selling the place



If you’re showing people round the house yourself make sure you don’t come across as a jargon spouting sales person. People want to buy from a person, not a sales robot who’s desperate to clinch the deal. Be yourself, unless you are a jargon spouting salesperson, and answer questions honestly. Give the information that you’d like to receive if the roles were reversed. They will appreciate your honesty and be more likely to trust you.



Not tidying before a visit



You’d be amazed at how many people don’t tidy their homes before a visit. Even if you’ve got a million other jobs to do, you need to get your home looking its best before a visit. When you live in a house, you don’t notice your clutter, the dust on yourselves or that pair of drying socks on your radiator. The buyer will notice, and they may be unable to visualise the house without the clutter. Get it looking clean and clear to give the best chance at selling it. Sounds obvious,but some people don’t.

Criticising your neighbours

Whether it’s the nosy colleagues looking at your screen, or irritating joke emails from acquaintances, we all get annoyed by other people. When the people who irritate you happen to be your neighbours, it is all the worse. Huge disputes between neighbours can build up over time and become very unpleasant. If its a factor that the prospective buyers would need to know, for instance if there is an on-going dispute, then you should mention it. If it’s simply a clash of personality thats got out of hand then its best not to mention it. Everyone wants to avoid living next door to a nut-job and any hint of bad neighbours will be very unattractive to prospective buyers.


Trying to sell the wrong home



I was trying to sell a home a few years ago, whilst hung-over from the night before. I met the prospective buyers at the end of the street to walk them to my place. Unfortunately due to my hangover, and my nerves, I accidentally showed them into a neighbours house by mistake. I didn’t realise until I entered the kitchen to find a family having breakfast. It took some explaining and the prospective buyers quickly made their excuses and left. So Ive taken one for the team so you dont have to – try not to make this mistake when selling your home.





Writtenby Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986

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