The art of photographing home decor and furnishings

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Even if you make a creative craft for yourself, you still want to show it to your friends, post it on social networks or in a forum thread, get feedback, comments, and maybe advice. To make the photo reveal the beauty of your product and enhance it, use the tips below.

Think over the composition

It’s better if your product is in frame with other objects that complement the story. For example, flowers and fruits look harmonious and beautiful next to wooden handicrafts. Alternatively, you can use fabric, books, dishes, your other items, and even animals. Remember that secondary things shouldn’t overshadow the main object.

Show your item in action. For example, if you made a candle holder, place a candle in there, and light it. If you’ve made a shelf, fill it up with books, vases, and other small items.


Before shooting, choose the right lighting. Remember the first rule – there should be a lot of light. It’s best to have multiple light sources at the location. However, avoid overexposure. You can always remove the extra light or cover the source with some light translucent cloth.

They should all have the same light temperature. It’s also considered bad practice to mix natural lighting (light from a window) with artificial (lamp). Shoot in natural light when clouds scatter sunlight. Shadows are softer, smoother; colors are more accurate.


For catalog photos, photographers use monochrome backgrounds to focus on the main object. Use a large piece of white paper to create a mini photo studio. You can also use cotton or satin fabrics, but make sure that wrinkles don’t appear in the frame. Linen or calico is perfect for presenting works in Provence style. Velvet and silk are also good options, but keep in mind that they tend to glare. Another trick is to place your product on a glass surface to get a beautiful reflection.

Camera and equipment

It’s not a problem if you shoot with your smartphone, because many gadgets have lenses no worse than cameras. However, to make your photos look like a magazine, it’s recommended to use professional equipment. Thus, you can use all the possibilities available in your photo device. Read the instructions, try different modes, and explore the settings. Find the right parameters for each shooting.

Use a tripod to save your photos from blurring if your hand shakes accidentally. You can also use books or a chair to get started. The main thing is to fix the camera so that it does not move. Many photographers use cereal bags as a stabilizer: they fix the position of the camera. If the camera has a timer mode, try using it and you can forget about blurred pictures.

Photo editing

The last step is photo editing. It can significantly improve your images and correct imperfections. If you want to remove yellowness or brighten the object in the frame, you can fix it in the photo editor It has a wide range of features to enhance your photos.

Learn photography! Take photos that are worthy of your work.


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