The Best Cities for Condo Living

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There are several reasons why someone would want to live in condos compared to a house.  Many of these reasons come down to location, and the specific city one lives in.  However there are other things to consider such as pricing, amenities, nightlife, and if you would need a vehicle or not.  Below we explore the most desirable cities for condo living.

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco has it all, and there is so much to do in such a small area.  As far as big cities go San Francisco is on the smaller side especially when you consider how many square miles it encompasses.  It is one of the most expensive areas to live in the county but for a good reason.  Tech jobs and lots of them.  In a recent article, it was noted that on average interns that work for tech companies make over $80,000 per year.  Crazy huh? 

In this city, you are never too far away from anything, and public transportation is excellent.  Whether you need to hop on BART or take a bus, you can get from one end of the city to the other in less than twenty minutes.  If you prefer to walk most of San Francisco is very walkable.  And the best part is many condos have spectacular views of the city and the bay.  Just keep in mind the average price of a condo is about $1,250,000 in this city or $3,600 to rent.


A fun city in the heart of Texas that has a very cultured downtown area.  Austin is the live music capital of the world which means there is plenty to do on just about every night of the week.  If you happen to work in the state capital living in a condo in the downtown area is ideal.  You won’t have to commute, and everything you need is within walking distance. 

Prices are reasonable especially when you consider Texas has no state income tax.  You will find that the average price of an Austin downtown condo for sale is $750,000. There is plenty to do in Austin as many residences enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle with Lake Austin nearby.

San Diego

Hands down the best weather in the county and a vibrant downtown area San Diego is great for condo living.  The only problem is that San Diego is much more spread out than cities like San Francisco and New York.  While it’s not required to own a car, it will come down to where you work.  If one works anywhere near the downtown area than you don’t need to own a car.  Downtown San Diego where the Gaslamp Quarter is there a ton of restaurants, bars, gyms, and other entertainment options.

San Diego is one of the fittest cities in the USA. Throughout the day you can find residents walking and jogging up and down the bay that borders the downtown area.  The condos in this area enjoy some great views, and the prices are affordable for a large city.  In San Diego on average you can expect to pay $435,000 for a condo in San Diego.


There might be a common element with all our cities and Seattle is no exception.  Seattle is home to many tech companies and a growing active downtown area.  And unlike many of the other cities on our list, there are several new condo developments in Seattle.  You can have your pick from The Florera, The Central Townhomes, Alaska Junction, and The Pinnacle at Alki.  In Seattle, you will find condos range from the mid $300,000 range to well over $3,000.000 depending on location and views. 

Final Thoughts

One thing that many people don’t think about when buying a condo is the association costs.  These costs can drive up the monthly cost of living, but some are reasonable.  Maintenance on a condo is usually much smaller compared to owning a home, and many condos hold their resale value if not increase significantly.  Owning a condo in a large city is more of a lifestyle choice for those that want to be in the thick of things to do. 

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