The Latest Developments In Oklahoma And What to Look Forward to

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Oklahoma is known for having the largest population of Native Americans, compared to any other state. The population of nearly four million people lives and plays in the state on a daily basis, all with their own hobbies and interests. 


Of course, anywhere in the world will get stale after a while if nothing is being updated and changed constantly. These developments keep things fresh and interesting in the Sooner State, with many being ready to take advantage of any new way to spend an afternoon. It’s pretty hard to take advantage of these fancy new happenings if you aren’t aware of them, though, don’t you agree?


To help fix that, here’s a list of a few things to look forward to in Oklahoma:


Oklahoma City Streetcar


Finished just before the year began, the streetcar system in Oklahoma City links together six miles of the downtown area to form the most extensive streetcar system in the entire United States. This streetcar system makes navigating the city and going to all new attractions a much easier task. The streetcars are used by people – from commuters to shoppers to out-of-state tourists. The system is noteworthy in the amount of area covered and total efficiency of the system.


Sanctuary Asia


A brand new 6.6-acre expansion has come to the Oklahoma City Zoo, with a huge focus on flora and fauna. Everything, from the mighty elephant to the tiniest of Asian birds, is represented with more than enough room for them to eat, run, and have a healthy life. During the summer, there’s even a splash pad for younger patrons to take advantage of when they aren’t getting quality views of the animals within the space.


Eastgate Metroplex


This sprawling mall in Tulsa may have been initially constructed in 1984, but this development in Oklahoma has recently had a facelift with much of the space newly renovated. There are new tenants abound, all ready to help prospective customers. Tending more toward services than retail stores, the Metroplex is perfect for anyone looking for professional help of any kind. 


Factory Obscura Mix-Tape


Known for their interactive art exhibitions in Oklahoma City, Factory Obscura is now opening their first permanent installation inside the city. This installation pays homage to the old practice of making a custom mix-tape to share with the world as a whole. It functions as an audio autobiography, where the members of Factory Obscura have carefully selected songs that speak to them as individuals and made accompanying visual media to create a fully immersive art experience.




If this list is of any indication, there’s hardly a lack of things to do in this great prairie state. New developments are continually breaking ground, both big and small. The best part of it all would be how any new developments in Oklahoma City would benefit from the new streetcar system, which gives us the impression that the Oklahoman building philosophy is to make developments that can help support one another. The bottom line is there’s hardly any reason to stay indoors as long as you know where to look.


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