The most beautiful fireplaces

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Now that autumn has arrived is time to get ready for the cold that is coming… so have you got your fireplace ready? How about giving it a new look? Take a look at some very cool fireplaces.


If you’ve got a traditional fireplace, something that will give it a nice touch is to put some candles on the mantelpiece and some kind of cool design in front of the fire – be careful and make sure it won’t catch on fire! But what if you are not into the messy ashes the fire leaves when it goes out? Put candles in your fireplace instead! Doesn’t it look nice?



You fireplace is an old one? Well, don’t worry, because a Victorian-style fireplace can also be trendy as you can see in the pictures below. You just need to dust it and a bit of paint.



But if you’ve got a modern house, your options are endless. You can have the weirdest/coolest designs on the market that have little to do with the traditional fireplaces we are used to.




And if you’ve got a garden big enough to have an outdoor fireplace, take a look at these ones… I would be happy to spend some time near one of them while sipping white wine after a long day at work!



When it’s freezing cold, which is going to be sooner that we would like, we are going to spend lots of time around the fireplace, so it is worth it to have a decent one. Let’s get down to it!

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