The scariest Halloween decorations

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Halloween is just around the corner… have you got all you decorations out? Yes? No? Well, it doesn’t matter, they will never be as good and scary as the ones I’m about to show you – or perhaps they will, in that case please take a photo and share it with us!


We all know how creepy porcelain dolls can be, as most dolls in my opinion, without making them actually scary, but if we do, the result can be… well, I wouldn’t go near those houses, just in case.



Eerie figures are a win as well; take a look at these two examples. Imagine that it’s dark, there’s not much light in the empty street and you find strange figures in a garden… I wouldn’t start running straight away – okay, perhaps I would if there was no one looking, I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat – but you would surely speed up a tiny bit to get to the safety of your home as fast as you can without making a fool of yourself.



Things creeping out of the ground are usually a success as well. Zombies getting out their tombs, hands whose bodies are trying to get to the surface… C’mon, how creepy are those hands trying to get out of that pond?



But Halloween decorations can be found as well indoors. If you are thinking a about throwing a Halloween party, it’s alright to have the basics – spider webs all around, candles, carved pumpkins, etc. – but try to be original and have pieces of human bodies in jars – of course they shouldn’t be real, just buy or make them – or wrap that big carpet you have in a way that resembles a human body and put it in the bathroom – your guest will surely pee, yes, but without taking their eyes off that thing in case it moves or it’s real!



Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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