Things all buyers want in a new home

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All over the US, markets struggle with high demand and low house inventory, according to real estate experts. But this doesn’t pose a challenge of the market. The real estate sector is thriving, according to a series of recent studies. Sellers make the rule of the game, and when searching for a new home, they are more and more specifics of their wants and needs. Experts have identified five features of a new home, and below are explained some of them.

#1. Single-family houses

Most buyers are hunting for single-family houses, as opposed to condors or apartments. Families with children and elders are more likely to search for standalone houses. Construction projects like the Veranda Gardens Port St Lucie have become the norm in developing markets all over the US. Younger audiences – 30 or younger are the only ones interested in buying townhouses, condos or apartments.

#2. Contemporary homes

Contemporary home construction projects have also increased in number, lately. 42% of the shoppers on platforms like are looking for single-floor, open plan homes, ideally in modern ranch designs. This is one of the most popular architectural design for buyers in the US, regardless of age group or other similar variables.  

Elders are also interested in buying similar properties due to the open plan. According to various opinions, this might happen because of the lower injury chances in open plan and single-level homes.

#3. Extra privacy and space

A feature highly appreciated by home buyers all over the US is privacy. Next seems to come extra space, especially for families with children. Only a few of the respondents of a survey claim that being part of a shared community is one of their goals when purchasing a home. The vast majority is searching for a family-friendly space with plenty of privacy. This is a reason why most construction projects revolve around these values.

#4. Fully-equipped kitchens

A great kitchen is another thing shopper search for when purchasing a home. Fully equipped kitchens are highly desired by all shoppers, regardless of their age or social background. Fully-equipped kitchens are also due to raise the value of the home since buyers are willing to invest a little extra for similar perks. Also, buyers that choose to renovate their kitchens after purchasing a home will get their investment back at the moment of the house sale, entirely.

#5. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Buyers are also keen on purchasing homes with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. They identify these numbers as being ideal in case of a home purchase. Only 22% of the shoppers today search for four-bedroom properties. The maintenance costs are significantly higher when the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is higher. Properties with less than 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are seen as lacking the necessary space as well.

These are five of the most important things buyers search when shopping for a new property. Luckily, new construction projects and recent residential neighborhoods are already meeting de demands.


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