Things to Consider Before Moving House

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Moving home can be a stressful experience, but once those keys are handed over, everything is boxed up and loaded into a van, you’ve said your final goodbyes and arrived at your new residence, it’s all worth it.


However, before moving house there are a few things to consider at every stage of the transition, from the selling to the packing to the actual moving day. Here’s a quick guide to help you through this busy period smoothly:



Selling Your Home

You’re all set on leaving your current home and setting up somewhere new, whether you’re just moving round the corner or halfway across the country, but you must first ensure your home is inviting for people to look around.


Start by giving the place a thorough clean, leave no stone unturned; dust those skirting boards, pull everything out of the cupboards to clean the shelves and clean out the cutlery draw. You might wonder why you should bother at all, but if your home looks ready to move into, then it should sell quicker.


You might think thoroughly cleaning the house can be an expensive job, but if you buy cleaning products in bulk, from online stores such as, you should find that you can get the job done for a lot cheaper than you initially thought.


If you have kids, sometimes you are advised by estate agents to hide evidence that they are in the house, which seems impossible, but by clearing out their toys and putting the bulky ones into storage, until you move, you can minimise their presence in the home, which could encourage younger and elderly buyers.  


It’s also a good idea to try and plan your move around the seasons, it’s much easier to move house in spring and summer rather than winter where you have rain and even snow to contend with. Do bear in mind though, that prices are higher because every one else has the same idea.



Packing Up

Start packing as early as you can and try and source cardboard boxes from friends and family. Some supermarkets also keep boxes and will hand them out if you ask nicely, those bags for life (the ones you buy but always forget to take to the shop) are also good for moving your belongings between homes.  Moving house transportation is also important to get organised – there are also storage places where you can store belongings whilst in the moving process too.


Packing up your belongings also offers a great opportunity for you to de-clutter and have a good clear out of your things. It will also mean there is less for you to lug to your next destination.


As the moving date draws nearer it’s a good idea to stop buying perishables for your fridge as they could be left out for a long time throughout the move. Only buy what you know you can eat a few days before, so you don’t waste any food.


In that final moving week start sorting out the legal stuff, such as sending off your driving license and the vehicle registration document for your car (the V5) to get the addresses changed and telling friends and family (and bank) your new address so letters are sent to the right place.



Moving Day

When it comes to children and pets it’s probably best to have someone look after them while you do all the lifting and carrying. The kids can help unpack but to save time and hassle – and stop them from getting in the way – leave them with a family member for the day. Same goes for the dog or cat.


Hire a van to keep costs down and drive to your destination yourself, or you could hire professional movers to help on the day. It all depends on what you feel you are capable of, how much money you’re willing to spend and what sort of time scale you’re aiming for.


With all these tasks accounted for and planned into your schedule, moving home should be a breeze! 

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