Things To Consider For A Safe And Secure Apartment

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When looking for an apartment, many people consider the amenities, price, and location but overlook safety and security. Safety and security should be on top of your list when apartment hunting. It is hard to determine whether an apartment is safe without having lived there but with a few tips and tricks, you can do so easily.

Below are several things to consider for a safe and secure apartment.

• Security Features

A safe apartment should have safety and security features that are functional. There should be lighting in the hallways, parking, and grounds. Ample street lighting is fundamental outside the apartment because of times when you come home late. The door and window locks should be in good condition.

• Check out the Entryways

Majorities of break-ins happen through the front door and hence it is important to secure it. The apartment should have a secured front door and gate to prevent strangers and vagrants from entering. You can burglar-proof your doors to secure your home and make it difficult for burglars to gain entry. The front door should be thick and sturdy and have a peephole to use every time someone knocks. A safe apartment complex should have a secure gate that requires an entry code, buzzer, or key to get into the building.

• Neighbourhood

Security starts in the neighbourhood and a safe and secure apartment should be situated in a safe neighbourhood. An ideal neighbourhood should be safe during both the day and night to provide a serene environment for the residents. Some neighbourhoods are only safe during the day but when the sun goes down, things change. You can talk to the police about the security status of the neighbourhood judging by the crime rate statistics.

• Health Concerns

An apartment should be safe health wise to prevent diseases. Look out for apartments that are well maintained and do not have health concerns such as water damage, mold, rodents, bug problems, lead paint, and leaky faucets. All these health issues are often overlooked but affect your stay at the apartment. For instance, imagine sharing a room with rodents such as rats. The experience may be awful and the rodents may cause diseases.

• Detectors and Building Stability

A safe apartment should have smoke and gas detectors. These detectors may seem useless but could save a life. You may never use the smoke and gas detectors during your stay at the apartment but the knowledge of their presence gives you peace of mind. Ensure that you check if the detectors are functional or are a just a décor in the apartment. Also, pay attention to the building structure and stability. Does the apartment look structurally sound from the outside or is it a disaster in waiting? Does it look like it is well tended to?


Many people overlook the importance of security and safety when searching for an apartment. Safety should be prioritized because you need to feel safe and comfortable at home. For a safe and secure apartment, you should consider the neighbourhood, security features, health concerns, and building stability. Do not take anything for granted, better safe than sorry.

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