Three energy saving gadgets for your home

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As fuel bills continue to rise, its never been more important to find ways of saving energy at home. As well as cutting your electricity bill, saving energy also helps the environment.

Here are threeenergy saving gadgets you could consider for your home.

The Wonderbag

Hay box cooking is a fuel-free solution that allows you to cook meals without using an oven or microwave. When the food reaches simmer temperature it cooks in residual heatpacked away in two cardboard boxes insulated with hay and cushions.

The Wonderbag is amodern version of the haybox made with recycled polystyrene beads and foam,which means that your kitchen wont be full of hay. And, for every Wonderbagsold in the UK the company will donate one to a family in Africa.

The vacuum kettle

The vacuum kettleis a combination of a Thermos flask and a kettle. The double skin keeps boiled water warm for much longer than a conventional kettle which means that the contents lead less reheating to reach boiling point after being left for a few hours.

After a couple of hours of boiling water, the temperature of the water in a vacuum kettle is around 50% higher than in a conventional kettle, according to a test in the Daily Telegraph.

A gadget that can keep water hot over a few hours can save a considerable amount of energy as you don’t have to keep boiling a kettle every time you need a cup of tea or coffee.

The Ecoflap letterbox

The Ecoflap letterbox is insulated and is aimed atreducing draughts thus saving your heating bill. The patented design ensures that whichever way the wind blows, EcoFlap blows itself shut and is therefore draught-proof.

The force of wind or a draught always pushes harder to close the Ecoflaprather open it. This is because the Ecoflap pivots in the middle and because the top of the flap has the larger surface area and viewed from the rear the lower part is largest, the Ecoflap is always presenting its largest area to the draught, which blows it shut, not open.



An alternative is to consider a free-standing external letterbox. There are lots of attractive timber models available which mean you can seal your letterbox and prevent draughts.


Nick Marr

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