Tiny House Ideas to Incorporate in Your Not-So-Tiny House

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“Tiny House” creation is the newest trend in home building. It is the idea that a home is just somewhere to hang your hat and to get some rest. Most of your living should be done in the outdoors and on the go. So, a tiny house is a small house where you maximize the available space. Perhaps you can even hire long distance movers to choose the perfect location for your tiny home.

You don’t have to have a tiny house to live like you do, however. Any house that you live in can have excellent little nooks and crannies to either find some solace for yourself, find additional storage or just to increase the flow of your floorplan. There are some pretty amazing things that you can do in a small space.

Carve out small spaces for specific things

Even if you have a 6000-square-foot home, sometimes you find that there isn’t any real “space.” The open-floorplan craze has left many homeowners with no real living space to carve out just for themselves.

Even in the biggest house, what you will often find is that there isn’t anywhere to store or keep stuff like a closet or a junk drawer. The tiny house idea is to make use of every square inch, and it can help you be more organized and find space for your things in your big house.

Things like storage baskets that fit under your bed or beds with built-in drawers are an excellent way to lose the “hoarder feel” that can sometimes come with a large space. Using ottomans and coffee tables that double as storage units is also an excellent way to maximize small spaces.

Under the stairs is typically a space that goes to waste. Adding shelving units or a secret hidden closet will allow you to store things that you don’t want anyone else to see — without sacrificing a bit of living space in your home.

Built-ins are excellent

Instead of purchasing furniture that can make a room look overcrowded and kill the flow, consider creating built-ins around your home. They take up a lot less space, and you can put them overhead (like shelving built-ins) and decorate your home with knick-knacks that aren’t just taking up space. Out of the way built-in shelving units offer a great custom look that will give you a little extra room to move around, even if you already have a lot of space. Who wants their room cut up with a whole bunch of furniture when you don’t have to?

Use little spaces for fun things

When you have a large home, sometimes you find that you have more closets or hidden room space than you need, and that space just sits empty. Nothing is more fun than a secret room that is just for you or your children. Take that extra walk-in closet that you don’t use and convert it to a secret hideaway space for your office or your child’s toy room. Sometimes it is nice to find a niche that is out of the way and all your own. It gives you a space to think, be creative, and find some time to reflect away from the everyday chaos of your life.

Think about shrinking your tub

If you get lost in your soaking tub, you might want to consider trading it in for a newer, smaller version. A lot of new tub designs are much more practical. They offer a shortened space with a drop-off for your feet. Not only do they save space, but they also allow you to sit while you are soaking, instead of leaning in an awkward position that can sometimes be painful for someone with back problems. Check out the newest tubs; they really can benefit your home in many ways.

Replace cabinets with shelves

Sometimes too many upper cabinets can box in your kitchen. Instead of using them, consider opening them up to create shelf space. A new trendy look is using the shelves to display your nice dinnerware and to create your own style for a kitchen that is crisp, clean and functional, without all the cluttered space that cabinets can create.

You don’t have to have a tiny house to want the cool features of one. Instead of having a big house that is so cluttered it feels tiny, maximize the little spaces so that you have more room to actually live in, instead of having a maze of furniture and obstacles to keep you from really “living” in your home.


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