Tips For Home Staging

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The real estate industry has grown exponentially over the years and has become one of the booming industries today. To keep up with the competition in the industry, realtors have to come up with strategies to ensure that their properties sell, and one of them is by staging a house. What is home staging? It is the process of making a home look appealing by incorporating décor as well as furniture. Home staging shows the prospective clients how exactly the house looks like when fully furnished. Besides, it is one of the best marketing strategies as people are often attracted to what they see. The chances are that a prospective buyer is most likely to purchase a staged house compared to an empty house. Let us now look at some of the tips of home staging;

  1.   Clean the house

Perhaps the first thing you want to do when staging a house, is cleaning the house. Ensure that every part of the house is clean and that the house smells fresh. Customers tend to be attracted to clean houses as opposed to houses that are rather dirty. Also, remove any clutter in the house. If you have any trash, it is best to declutter before showcasing the house to your clients. 

  1.   Focus on the color of the house

Colors have a way of speaking to the house buyers and improving the general feel of the home. Be sure to play with different color temperatures in the house, but, do not overdo the colors. Remember, sophistication is key. You can choose to look at the color charts to find colors that will fit in perfectly in different rooms of the house. Else, you can find a professional to help you with that to be sure that the colors indeed blend in well. 

  1.   Rent some furniture

As aforementioned, staging a house includes having furniture well placed in the room. Today, many companies have furniture rental for home staging meaning that you are guaranteed to find furniture that is attractive and of good quality. Besides, it is a win-win situation for both you and the furniture rental company; on your side, it is an excellent marketing strategy that might make your clients buy the house fast. And, for the furniture rental company, they might also get business from you as sometimes the clients might want the house together with the furniture. Remember, never overdo the furniture as it makes the rooms look overcrowded. Also, when arranging the furniture, ensure that you keep the measurements of the room in mind. 

  1.   Add some glam

Another way to stage the home is by adding a little glam. You can decide to add some extra pieces of interior décor such as jars,  flowers, mirrors, seat pillows, and so on. The glam you add to the house is dependent on the look you are going for as well as the customers you are targeting. So much so, ensure that the lighting in the room is perfect, you can decide to also add a chandelier in the sitting room too. And yet again, do not go overboard with the decor

  1.   Ensure that the exterior part of the house is clean

After dealing with the interior parts of the house, you should never forget the exterior parts of the house. First ensure that the compound is clean, secondly, repaint the house and ensure that all the door hinges are in good condition. Remember the first thing that a client will see when coming top view the house is the exterior part. And if the exterior is not well taken care of, they might make a u turn even before seeing the interior part of the house.

  1.   Take clear pictures of the house

We live in a digital era where prospective buyers often want to see the images even before they tour the house. As such, it is vital to invest in professional photography so as to capture every aspect of the house. However, to have the best images, you need to ensure that everything is in order beforehand. More so, do not forget taking pictures of the outside part of the house too. 


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