Tips for Hosting a Winning Open House

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Are you planning to sell your current home? Are you looking to host an open house? Before you pull the trigger, you need to be aware of some valuable tips that make your hosting of an open house a hit. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Make it known

First, you need to get the word out that you will be hosting an open house. This means letting everybody know when you are hosting the event and where your house is exactly located.

Spread the word through different methods. First, you can update your listings found online. Next, you can post on your social media accounts. Third, you can hand out flyers around the neighborhood. Lastly, tell your close friends, relatives, and colleagues personally and ask them to spread the news.

Ask for your neighbors’ help

Like it or not, preparing your home for an open house takes a lot of hard work. But with a little help from your trusted neighbors, you can get the job done faster. You will never know who’s willing to extend a helping hand. You will also be surprised to see that a few of them may also be interested in your property.

Let your agent take over

If you already have a real estate agent, you have the option to not be physically around during the open house. This is because some prospective home buyers prefer speaking to the agents instead of the homeowners. Sometimes, your presence may cause some anxious moments on the part of the buyers and guests.

The key is to make your guests as comfortable as possible as they look around your house. They need to be able to visualize themselves as if they already own the house.

Signage matters

Lastly, you need to put up a sign in your front yard telling everyone that there will be an open house. Moreover, you also need to put lots of directional signs leading to your house. This is for prospective buyers and guests who may be coming from other areas. You may also want to invest in some balloons that you will place on the front yard during the day of the open house. This will help you attract more guests.

Be mindful, however, of the existing ordinances that may be in place in your community. Some ordinances involve signs, particularly the specific dates and times that you can put them up. In the market for Kauai homes for sale or other Kauai real estate, contact a trusted real estate agent today.

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