Tips To Choosing The Right Type of Turf For Your Property

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A fresh lawn can radically transform your property and it can give the surrounding area a new lease of life. The key to a great looking lawn is to make the right choice at the beginning and then ensure that you take the proper steps to regularly maintain it. When you begin your search you’ll find a variety of options and it can be confusing as to which is the right one for you. 

In order to make the right choice the first time, here is what you should be considering when you start searching for the perfect turf for your property. 

The Location of Your Property  

Not all turf is the same and there are some species that take better to certain soils and geographical locations than others. For example, if you are living in a location such as New South Wales or Queensland, then you are likely counting on a great deal of sunshine each year. Given this information, you should be looking into species such as Buffalo, Kikuyu, and Queensland Blue Couch, which are known to thrive under such conditions. If you aren’t sure which is best for your location then see Musturf specialists who will be able to point you towards the right option. Hiring professionals will eventually save you all the trouble of research and burning money on some types of lawn that won’t physically live in the location that you have selected.


Your budget now and in the future is going to be a critical consideration to make because some lawns can seriously cost you money – both when buying and when maintaining. A great option for those looking for something more economical is Kikuyu, which is hardy and doesn’t require great care, and which will not require a large initial outlay. Another choice which you could opt for is Zoysia, which is both low cost and very simple to maintain. You also have to consider maintenance for these lawns, some types need extra care than others. Overall, you need to pick what your budget dictates and not the expensive type that you want.

Green Fingers 

All lawns require maintenance and care, but not all species require a huge investment of time. Right now, you ought to be thinking about how much maintenance you can really commit to. Some people just aren’t green-fingered and would be happy to turn the sprinkler on each day and pay someone to mow the lawn. Alternatively, there are those who take great pride in their turf and wish to spend time on it. There are many varieties of grass that require little care, and equally, there is a lot that needs constant TLC. 

Aesthetics of the Lawn 

The main considerations around which lawn is right for you should be related to the pragmatics of the lawn, regarding cost, maintenance and its ability to grow well. With this being said there is nothing wrong with thinking about the eventual look which you want from the lawn, and how it works with the look of the property. Varieties of lawns come in all kinds of green tones and thickness of blades, and this will certainly change how your property looks from the curb. 

Use of the Lawn 

And finally, you should be considering how the lawn will be used once it is down. If you have young children who are likely to be playing and rolling around on the lawn then you need a variety that can stand up to the usage. Alternatively, you may be after something which is visually pleasing beyond anything else, in which case you can consider a more delicate strain that doesn’t need to be robust. Picking a very sensitive lawn type will have your head-scratching if one of your boys played on top of it. So better to choose wisely when considering the lawn for the intended use.

If you are in any doubt at all about which lawn fits the bill, you can always discuss your options with a turf specialist. Should you choose to seek advice, these are the questions they will be asking, which is why considering them now will help you to get the best option for your property. 



Ref number: THSI-2220

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