Top 10 Feature Wallpapers

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Fired Earth has got to be my go to shop when it comes to decorating any room. They have some of the most beautiful wallpapers I’ve ever seen and I’ve noticed them popping up on TV and in other peoples rooms! But they still aren’t so popular that they will still be admired in your home. I would personally use the 10 wallpapers here as feature walls in a room and then use a coloured paint that would complement the colours in the wallpaper. Here are my top 10 feature wallpaper picks:


Secret Garden Heligan




Walled Garden Rousham


 Alhambra Palace Winter


Moorish Garden Winter


Entering The Hammam Winter


 Class Of 77 Winter


Dinner At Eight Winter


Mrs Peel Autumn


Cottonwood Duck Egg Leaf Wallpaper


Coco Amethyst Wallpaper                   


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So there you have it! Our top 10 wallpaper designs to brighten up any room this Winter. Choose your favourite and get decorating!

Adele Smith

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