Top 10 Tips For Selling Your Home in Summer

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It is pretty widely accepted that the best time to sell your home is in the autumn and winter months and that selling in summer in inherently more difficult. Part of the problem with selling a house at the peak of summer is that your home has to compete with the rarely-seen British sunshine for attention. The kids are on school holidays, so are running rampant at home. Many families spend most of the summer months overseas on vacations or visiting family. And from festivals to swimming pools there are a whole range of summer activities to distract from the property hunt.


While it may be true that some home-owners wait out the summer months before putting their home on the market, the realities of life often require us to move quickly, no matter the season. But hope is not lost! By following these simple tips you can take the stress out of summer selling and find the perfect buyer for your home. 


Top Tips for Selling Your Home This Summer


  1. Green Fingers

If you have a garden, make the most of it! Properties with gardens are always popular with buyers, but there is nothing worse than an unkempt and unusable outdoor space. Dedicate some time to mowing the lawn, digging up those pesky weeds, planting some new flowers and creating a desirable outdoor living space.

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  1. Outdoor Space is Important No Matter How Small

Full size gardens are rare in London, but terraces, balconies, patios and communal gardens are still sought after. Show possible buyers that any outdoor space, no matter how small is worthwhile. Try creating a mini-vegetable patch or vertical garden to show off your homes potential.


  1. Summer Colour

Brighten up your home with some summery hues. Pick a summer colour palette and add accessories and accents to your home that will make buyers feel the heat.


  1. Let There be Light

Natural light is consistently rated among the top 10 qualities that buyers look for in a home. Make the most of the rarely seen British sun and throw open the blinds, curtains and drapes to let in as much natural light as possible. 


  1. Flexibility is Key

As already mentioned, people tend to have more going on in summer and to encourage the maximum number of buyers through the door you should be as flexible as possible with your timings. With sun light lasting well into the evening hours consider offering evening viewings and be prepared to have families bringing their kids along to viewings. Do your best to be accommodating and welcoming. 


  1. Drinks and Nibbles

Take the time to lay out some summery snacks and drinks. I would recommend something along the lines of a home-made pink lemonade in a large pitcher with ice sitting on the kitchen counter or on the garden table. 

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  1. Subtle Scents

Do not go overboard with the air-freshener, there is nothing worse than a stuffy room filled with the over-powering scent of vanilla constantly wafting into your nose. Try lighting incense the day before a viewing for a more subtle scent. 


  1. Climate Control

Make sure to air out your home and fling open all the windows and doors for at least a few hours before a viewing. You could even use a few strategically placed electric fans to help circulate the air and keep your possible buyers cool and calm. 


  1. Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so the exterior of your home is important. Make sure your entrance way is clear of clutter, neat and tidy and that your front door is nicely painted and clearly shows the door number. 


  1. Less is More

While a personal touch is great, make sure there is not too much of ‘you’ in your home. Hide away clutter, ornaments and unnecessary furniture and accessories so that the buyer has a chance to imagine the property as their own home. 


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Franki Chaffin-Edwards

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