Top 30 Rudest Place Names

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Dotted right across the world you will find some rather unusual place names. Whether the names have been lost in translation or are a mere coincidence, they provide joy to any keen eyed passers-by, who will of course stop for the obligatory photo in front of the sign to show to all their friends who refuse to believe that they genuinely found a village called ‘Fucking’ or a river called ‘Spunk Creek’. Here are some of our top picks for the funniest and most bizarre place names you will ever find.

1. Fanny Hands Lane, Ludford, England

File photo of the street sign for Fanny Hands Lane in Ludford. Streets with rude-sounding names like Crotch Crescent, Turkey Cock Lane, Bell End and The Knob could turn out to be a haven for property hunters looking to snap up a bargain, research suggests. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Tuesday February 25, 2014. The study for website looked for evidence of what impact living in a street with a suggestive name could have on the value of your home. Properties on streets with innuendo-laden names were found to be around one fifth or £84,000 cheaper on average than other homes situated nearby. See PA story MONEY Streets. Photo credit should read: Lucy Bogustawski/PA Wire
Ludford’s Fanny Hands Lane was recently listed as the third rudest street name in the UK, but residents have proclaimed they are ‘proud’ to live on such an unusual street.

2. Wankers Corner, Wilsonville, USA

Maybe our friends across the pond don’t fully understand the British translation of this…at least it means that us Brits can laugh at their expense…

3. Shitterton, Dorset, England


This tiny Hamlet in Dorset dates back at least 1000 years and means farmstead on the stream used as an open sewer.

4. Arlene Fuchs Katz Drive, New York, USA


Arlene does what?!?!

5. Slack Bottom, Yorkshire, England


Perhaps this street needs a trip to the gym to firm up its derrière. Slack Bottom, along with Slack Top, form the tiny hamlet of Slack in West Yorkshire.

6. Pig Turd Alley, Sacramento, USA

Pig Turd Alley

Hopefully this street was not named after its most common feature. Surprisingly there is actually another Pig Turd Alley in America located in Oregon.

7. Spunk Creek, Minnesota, USA



I’m sure that this stream in Minnesota is a very popular date venue.

8. Cockshoot Close, Witney, England


Cockshoot Close is in Stonesfield, Oxfordshire…. Hopefully not too close.

9. Twatt, Shetland Islands, Scotland


“So where do you live?”


“Excuse me?!”


10. Shag Point, NZ


Apparently, Shag Point is a very pretty nature reserve in New Zealand- which makes me question how it got it’s name…

11. Intercourse, Pennsylvania, USA


According to the Lancaster, PA website, Intercourse is “a hub where many Amish and local folks do their business”

Sounds like there is plenty of things to do in Intercourse…

12. Bitchfield, Lincolnshire, England


This road sign is a popular pit-stop for passers by, and it’s easy to see why.


13. Bully Hole Bottom, Monmouthshire, Wales


The embarrassment of living in this Welsh town must be never-ending.


14. Sandy Balls, New Forest, England


Apparently a popular holiday destination, there is plenty to do in Sandy Balls, from archery to going to DJ school. I’m just wondering if people come here for the activities or the novelty name.

15. Iron Knob, Queensland, Australia


I bet that the men of this town enjoy telling everyone where they’re from…

16. Fucking, Austria


This small village in Austria recently partitioned to rename their hometown ‘Fugging’, but this was rejected as the name was already taken. Then, tourists started to steal the sign, which then got replaced with theft resistant signs. Then, when tourists realised they couldn’t steal the sign, they started filming themselves ‘in the act’ by the sign instead.

Bet they’ve f*****g had enough.

17. Fingringhoe, Essex, England


A picturesque and charming village in Essex. Just a shame that the name doesn’t reflect the same image.

18. Dildo, Canada


Canadians are known for being well mannered and polite. I guess this sign is the exception.

19. Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire, England


We know that big bums are in, but no one’s actual bottom is six miles long. Not even Kim Kardashian’s.

20. Thong, Kent, England



21. Ugley, Essex, England


“So I’ll pick you up…where do you live?”


“How bloody rude”

22. Minge Lane, Worcestershire, England

minge lane

Just imagine trying to keep a straight face when telling the delivery guy where it is you live.

23. Cumbum, India


Did the British settle here, too?

24. Glory Hole Recreation Area, California, USA

glory hole

“Gonna hang out at the Glory Hole Recreation Area later, anyone wanna join?”

25. Titz, Germany


Sounds like the perfect location for a romantic mini break.

26. Wankum, Germany


If Titz doesn’t take your fancy, try Wankum instead.

27. Longdong Avenue, Shanghai, China


I bet someone, somewhere would relocate to China just to live on this street.

28. Kinki University, Osaka, Japan


You can guarantee that there would be an adult film about this uni, no doubt about it.

29. Two Mile Bottom, Norfolk, England


No, Kim Kardashian’s bottom isn’t even two miles wide.

30. Cockfosters, London, England


The all-time British classic. You’re lying if you say that you don’t snigger each time you hear this name on the Underground.

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