Top 8 Scissor Lifts

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If you need special high-quality functional equipment to perform loading and unloading operations, you should pay attention to unique scissor lifts. Here are some of the most popular models, brief technical characteristics, and general information about the equipment.

What is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is an aerial work platform that raises people or other objects to heights. It consists of a platform attached to a set of interlocking metal scaffolding, which is then raised and lowered using a hydraulic system.

Scissor lifts are often used in construction and industrial settings, as they provide a safe and efficient way to raise workers and materials to high heights. They are also used in other settings, such as warehouses, grocery stores, and event venues.

Benefits of using a scissor lift

The following positive factors can be noted here:

  • saving time resource – workers can start performing tasks in a few minutes;
  • high overall load capacity – the equipment can lift to about 500 kg at a time;
  • a large built-in working platform, thanks to which several people can be placed on it;
  • the maximum reliability of the design – the mechanism is designed for a sufficiently long and severe, intensive operation;
  • versatility – the lift is optimally suited for a variety of industrial construction sites;
  • low price for the used scissor lift;
  • mobility – the device quickly moves along the supporting surface.

MEC TITAN BOOM 60-S scissor lift

This equipment raises the operating platform to the required height and is used as a working platform. Such even a used scissor lift most effectively replaces the construction scaffolds, towers – rounds, and stepladders. Using such a tool significantly increases the productivity and safety of employees.

When working at a height of up to 12 meters, such a lift is a worthy replacement for the facade cradle. By the way, it is an ideal price ratio between the scissor lift and usability.

Self-propelled scissor lift EL 8-T

This scissor lift has a solid structure and unique design; it has the function of moving with a raised platform at a maximum height, with safety, and is highly manoeuvrable. The CAN data exchange protocol is used, which is widely used in transport automation systems. CE-EN280 certified. In addition, there is a 220V electrical socket and a power cable on the platform itself.

SNORKEL SL30 SL scissor lift

The SL30 Sl, an electric scissor lift, epitomises uncompromising performance and durability. The lift has a working height of 9m and can lift 590 kg but weighs only 3400kg. With many features of the Snorkel electric scissor lift family, the S3215L is part of a lightweight scissor lift family with low floor loading and combines this benefit with the long life of a full-size electric scissor lift.

GENIE GS-1930 scissor lift

Scissor lift with a working height of 9.75 m, platform dimensions of 1.31 x 3.96 m and a weight of 3.667 kg (without outriggers). The machine is available with different types of power units:

Four-wheel braking, a tilt level sensor with an audible signal and an automatic levelling system for hydraulic outriggers ensure high mobility even when the cab is raised.

HAULOTTE STAR 10 scissor lift

Haulotte is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality lifting equipment. Each unit has the maximum performance and impeccable feedback from customers. The maximum working height of the Haulotte STAR 10-1 is 9.95 m. The lift capacity is 200kg. You can find a lot of used scissor lifts in this model.

JLG 300AJP Articulating Boom Lift

This model is one of the most popular in the JLG range, with a reach of up to 26ft and a working height of up to 33ft. It features a powerful 49hp engine and can accommodate up to 500 lbs on the platform, making it perfect for various tasks. It’s also been designed with safety in mind, with many features to prevent accidental falls.

Skyjack SJIII3220 Scissor Lift

The SJIII3220 from Skyjack is a highly productive model with a working height of up to 32.5ft and a reach of up to 20 ft. It can accommodate up to 750 lbs on the platform and features a powerful 49hp engine. It’s also been designed for easy transportation and setup, making it perfect for construction sites where space is limited.

Haulotte H28PX Scissor Lift

The H28PX from Haulotte is a highly versatile model with a working height of up to 28ft and a reach of up to 15.4ft. It can accommodate up to 500 lbs on the platform and features many safety features, including an intuitive platform.

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