Top Design Trends for Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the home where many people spend a significant amount of time getting ready and bathing throughout the week. It’s essential that the room is decorative and is designed well to ensure that you feel comfortable in the space. When you want to transform the look of the bathroom, there are a few decor ideas to consider.


Add Wallpaper

Dressing up a bland bathroom is possible by applying wallpaper that has a decorative print and makes the room look professionally designed. Use an oversized floral print that is contemporary and chic when you want your home to appear regal. The design will look beautiful when paired with brass hardware on the cabinets or marble countertops. Other types of wallpaper prints to consider include herringbone, stripes, or chevron.

You can also use the wallpaper on an accent wall in the room if the bathroom is larger in size. Paint the surrounding walls a color shade that works within the color scheme of the wallpaper.


Install a Pedestal Tub

Pedestal tubs are classic and vintage when you want to incorporate a stunning feature that becomes that focal point of the room. A pedestal tub will allow you to relax in the space while bathing and will also enhance the layout of the room. Consider adding the tub in the center of the space near a window to ensure that it’s illuminated and is in a well-lit area.


Add a Framed Mirror

Install a framed mirror over the sink or vanity of the bathroom to make a statement with a functional item that will also contribute to the design of the room. Choose a mirror that features a bold frame and plenty of embellishment to make it stand out on the wall. If you have two sinks on the vanity, consider adding a framed mirror over each sink.


Use Wire Crates

Use wire or wood creates to organize your towels and toiletries while still creating a beautiful setting in the bathroom. The crates can be mounted on the walls to save space on the floors and in cabinets, which will also work as a decorative element that is functional and will reduce the amount of clutter that is present. You’ll have more space available on your counters for items like water flossers, which will also look sleek and have many options to choose from.


Install a Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks have a high level of design and will take the look of your sink up a notch. Vessel sinks come in different shapes and sizes, which will allow you to have plenty of options when shopping around for a product that complements the style of your bathroom. Brass or copper vessel sinks will add a shiny touch to the space when you want to incorporate a unique material.


Paint the Cabinets

Incorporate a pop of color in the room if you don’t want it to look too minimal. Paint the cabinets with a color shade that is contemporary and adds a cozy touch. Pair the revamped cabinets with new pulls, handles, and knobs to transform the look of the bathroom.

Painting the cabinets will increase the appeal of the room and can also make it easier to sell on the real estate market in the future.


Replace the Lights

Replace the lighting in the bathroom to add fixtures that update the setting. Install a small chandelier in the center of the room or sconces above the vanity or near framed artwork on the walls.

Decorating your room with certain materials and pieces can transform the space. With the right products used, you’ll want to spend more time in the setting each day.

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