Top Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

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Make sure your door is suitable for external use and ideally a minimum of 45mm thick. This relates not just to parts of the door but the whole door, including for example the shallow slats on a wooden door. It’s not difficult for a burglar to kick through thin wood and then open the lock from outside.


Furthermore, don’t leave the keys in the lock or in reaching distance and make sure your letterbox has an internal cover plate. For additional security fit a spy hole and door chain.





Close and lock all your windows whenever you go out. Windows on the ground floor and in accessible areas should be made of toughened glass or ideally doubled glazed. Avoid leaving valuables, house, or car keys near windows.



Make your home visible


Thieves tend to target homes that are shrouded from view so make sure yours isn’t. Trim trees and bushes, consider installing sensor lights and report broken exterior lights.





The back garden is the most vulnerable part of a house because it is the least covered and so requires careful attention. Fences and high walls offer vital protection for a house and can deter burglars from committing a burglary.


Think about what valuable tools are in sheds and garages, as not only can they be stolen they are advertising what else is in your home too.





It is far less likely that you will become the victim of a burglary at home if you have a correctly fitted and well-maintained burglar alarm. There are many types of alarms, varying in price, and differing in the speedof police response times (if they respond at all).


Alternatively get a dog (or at the very least a dog sign). It is actually the threat of loud noises that deters thieves.



Thieves dont go on holiday (even if you do)


If you take a trip ask a friend or neighbour to park outside your house and if you live in shared accommodation (or have an outside mailbox) ask them to collect your mail too. Both are signals that nobody is at home. Other deterrents are putting your lights or radio on a timer.



Building works


Be extra vigilant when there are building works in your area. Scaffolding and ladders can provide easy access to get into upstairs windows.


Of course though, no matter how well you secure your home, thieves can still get in and steal your possessions if they try hard enough. Someone could throw a brick through a window or an invited guest could be less trustworthy than you initially thought. To limit the damage consider getting home insurance. 



Gareth Brown

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