Types of Roof Coverings – Find Out Which Roof Covering Suits Your Roof

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Knowing the best types of roofing is essential to give your property the perfect look. New home designs come up every year, which is difficult for people to know which alternative is the most aligned to their needs. If you too are unable to find out the best roof covering for the roof of your house, then here is a list of options that will help you select the best roof covering for your roof.

Know the main types of coverings

We have selected the 5 main types of coverings for you to get to know up close. This way you will know the investment measurement, in addition to knowing the functionality of each one of them. Follow along and understand.

1.    Green roof

The green roof is one of the possibilities for sustainable construction that bring many benefits for those who live in the venture. Among them, we can highlight the reduction in temperature. Bearing in mind that a green roof decreases up to 90% of the heat that an ordinary roof would generate.

As a consequence, there is a reduction in expenses with the electricity bill, in addition to promoting a positive effect on nature, of course. On the other hand, you need to be aware that the care and maintenance with this real “roof garden” can be expensive. That way, you should either dedicate yourself to care or invest money for professionals to do so.

2.    Awning

The awning is another option, among the types of coverings, which can be used in your home or office. It is worth noting that in the market you can find several types available, each with its finish and positioning. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the requirements of the place where a certain awning will be installed.

However, you can count on a cover that protects the environments against sunlight and its installation is super-fast and simpler than other options that the construction market offers.

Another advantage is that the vertical awning also functions as a type of curtain, leaving the house or enterprise in question with a very interesting aesthetic. In contrast, there is a horizontal awning, which works for balconies and garages.

In addition, you can choose the articulated option or not, that is, if its position can be changed after installation or if it will be fixed.

Finally, you can also count on the option of a retractable awning that is also interesting and very functional. Its accordion fabric creates the effect of opening and closing it, controlling the exposure of the environment.

3.    Pergola

The types of pergola covers are ideal for small houses. Bearing in mind that it is possible to choose its arrangement in polycarbonate transparency. This creates a very interesting visual and decorative effect on your work.

However, you must pay special attention if you select the use of pergolas because if they are not well maintained, they can transform the environment into a true greenhouse.

Thus, professional assistance is of paramount importance to define the correct size and height of the pergola. Thus, you will have a more adequate thermal comfort and prevent this type of covering from generating excessive heat.

4.    Metallic tiles

Metalized tiles, in turn, are another type of roof that has a simpler installation, in addition to being spectacular in terms of decoration. This is because, even with the agents of time, they always remain beautiful and look brand new.

They also promote a lot of shade, warmth, and thermal comfort. So, we can say that we are dealing with an option of very high quality and with unparalleled functionality.

5.    Thermo-acoustic tile

Thermo-acoustic tiles are also called sandwich tiles. They work as thermal and acoustic insulation, protecting against the effects of rain, wind, heat, excessive cold, etc. Thus, they can be used in all types of buildings, whether residential, building, commercial, or industrial.

Its composition is made from materials such as aluminium, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. In addition, they have several formats and can be painted in several different colours, thus harmoniously combining them with the decoration of the facade of the house.

Just remember to bet on choosing a qualified professional so that he can point out the type of sandwich tile best suited to your case. Bearing in mind that each environment may require a different type to promote the most interesting effect.

How to choose between the types of coverage?

Now that you know the best types of coverage, you may be wondering how to choose the best option for you. For that, there are some points that you can consider. See below:

Price: Firstly, you need to be clear about the amount you want to invest in this type of need in your work. After all, we are dealing with a very important stage that requires special attention.

Decoration and finishing: The second step is to select the alternatives that present a more interesting decoration and finishing for your needs. That is, that combines a little more with the decorative proposal of your property.

Functionality: Functionality should also be discussed. For example, if you want a better acoustic and thermal effect, sandwich tiles are the best option. On the other hand, if you want to invest in natural lighting, perhaps the best option is the pergola, and so on. Understand your needs and only after that acquire the appropriate model.

Maintenance and subsequent needs: In the case of green coverage, for example, you may need more investments in maintenance and care. Therefore, you must understand the care and maintenance needs of a certain type of coverage to choose the most practical option for you.

By following these tips and choosing from the types of coverings, you will certainly have an incredible result.


Ref number: THSI-2059

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