Useful Tips: How To Prepare A House For Sale

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How much money does it cost to invest in preparing a house for sale? The answer depends on the real estate segment itself. If it is an “economical” option, then large investments are absolutely unprofitable.  For a buyer of the “economy class” option, repair does not play the first role. Most likely, the buyer will pay attention to the condition of the house itself. In this case, you should also pay attention to the condition of the walls (they must be flat), ceiling (clean and whitewashed), floor (in extreme cases, you can order epoxy garage floor coatings) electrician (good switches and sockets).

If the house is of “business” and “premium” class, then the repair may well justify itself. A house to which you can just enter and live, so to speak, without knowing the troubles, can cost 20-25% above its original cost. However, we are not talking about the usual repair, but rather about the designer. So to speak, the thing is exclusive. This kind of repair in the house will raise the cost of your property to another level.

Be sure to perform

Specialists engaged in selling real estate often give advice on how to prepare to the house for sale. We have compiled them for you in one article.

Order of the house

You should only show the house from the inside and outside in a clean condition. Wipe the dust, wash the windows, vacuum. Imagine, because if you were a buyer, it would be more pleasant for you to look at a clean and well-groomed house than at a dirty barn.

Get rid of junk

The most attractive will be a house with spacious, clean and bright rooms. Therefore, it is worth removing extra furniture from the rooms. But there is no need to get rid of everything. The room should be residential, but not cluttered. Empty boxes, cans, baskets will be superfluous.

To determine what is junk and what can be left, ask yourself the question: is there room for this object? If not, it is definitely an extra item in the room. Each item in the room should have its own function, which should be obvious to the potential buyer.

Light to the studio!

A light room creates the most pleasant impressions. In Lightroom, you can even breathe easier! Therefore, remove anything in the yard of the house that prevents light from entering the rooms. Trees, bushes, or any obstacles that are inside the room. Of course, we do not encourage you to cut down centuries-old trees planted by your ancestors. Everything is within reasonable limits. However, the rule of light colours is worth remembering!

This rule also applies to the outdoor painting of the house. House painted in light and warm shades look more attractive. And to show potential buyers the house is also better in the light time of day.

Real estate agent’s comment:

“Cleanliness and order are very important when preparing a house for sale, as well as the absence of extraneous unpleasant smells and noise. The aromas of pies and coffee always lift your spirits, but the strong smells in bathrooms worry you: here either just washed, or hide sewer leaks. Think over the design of windows and room thresholds – does the garbage not come from the outside? Such a trivial thing as batteries will certainly raise questions: how are they arranged, whether they do not leak. There should be no personal items in sight, just leave something beautiful: books, shawls, elegant cups, vase with fruit or vegetables in the kitchen. Storeroom and closet customers are carefully studied: let everything be in its place.

The trick is to make the customer “live” in space while watching. It is important to show beautifully all the functional features, such as handy switches or details of a “smart home”. And the most attractive photos are obtained if you take them with the maximum light on when it starts to get dark.”

Nothing personal

Personal belongings remind the buyer that you are still the owner of this house. It is likely to be difficult for them to imagine themselves in your shoes. And we want to achieve the very opposite effect! So get your photos, awards and other personal items out of sight. Let him imagine himself as the owner. Place your photos on the walls in your mind. This way, the buyer will feel more comfortable.

Preparing to sell the house is very important. Even if you can not afford to invest in the sale, you will be able to keep the house in order! And this will bring you positive results in terms of profit and even quick sale!



Ref number: THSI-1989

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