Video Guide To Dealing With Buyers

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A video guide to dealing with buyers for your home. The video answers the following questions: 
  • How can I vet prospective buyers over the phone?
  • What questions should I ask a prospective buyer?
  • What do I have to tell buyers about the property?
  • What do I have to tell buyers about my status?
  • What can I get away with not telling buyers?

Dealing with potential buyers tips

Keeping positive conversations is crucial! 

Home owners selling their homes maybe doing so for a many reasons, unfortunately when these reasons are conveyed to a buyer they can stop the likehood of a sale . I would advise people who are selling their homes to rehearse why they are selling and see how this sound to a potential buyer. Imagine being a buyer met by statements such as “The house is too small and we have out grown it” “We want to move to a better area it’s not how it used to be” “Travelling to work from here is a nightmare” “The house is getting a bit tired” “I hate my neighbour” 

These statements may seem obvious but you will be surprised how easily they can come out of a simple conversation. Unguarded comments like these will not help your cause no matter how perfect the home is.

When D.I.Y. is not a positive conversation. 

Being proud of the shed that you built or even the conservatory is not a selling point. The conversation may make you feel good but it may spark doubt in the buyers mind about the quality of workmanship. Professionally built features will always be better than a buyer keen to show off their do it yourself skills.

Silence is golden. 

During a viewing some house sellers are compelled to fill the air with their voices, sometimes this leads to information that may only serve to put a buyer off. Buyers like silence, remember for them it’s a lot to take in so no verbal onslaughts it risks a negative effect.

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