Want a Child-friendly Home? Here’s How to Achieve Just That

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Living with babies and little kids is fun and fulfilling. Their sweetness and laughter brings joy even to the dullest moments. But being in the same house as them comes with its own set of special demands and needs for serious adjustments. One of the things that you should make sure of is the safety of the little ones in your home.

No, we are not talking about keeping the home locked or free from intruders, although these things are truly important on their own. The safety that we refer to is in having a child-friendly home design. It is also seen in the careful handling of items inside the house that can potentially be harmful to children. Simply put, what works for us adults is not necessarily fit or conducive for kids.

If you want to make your home more child-friendly, here are some tips that you can follow.  

Use organically formulated paints

Paints add color to columns, ceilings, and walls, making your space look more attractive. However, many of the commercial paints that are on the market today might contain chemicals that can be harmful to the little ones’ health. Stay away from such products! What you should use instead are paints that are made from 100% organic ingredients.

Products from Real Milk Paint are a good example. Aside from being organic, the products also last longer — they come as powdered paint that you mix with water before using. The mixture can be stored for up to two weeks.

Avoid furniture with sharp edges

Kids are energetic and playful, and they are often seen running around the house. To make your home environment ready for these kinds of activities, it is best that you stay away from furniture items with sharp edges. Rectangular coffee tables, for example, are big no-nos with kids around. Use rounded ones or better yet, replace them with neatly upholstered ottomans.

Cover electric outlets

Imagine this scenario: Little Emmy finds a metal fork on a low-lying table in the living room. While playing with it., she turns around and sees the two small vertical slits of an electric outlet. She has not seen the outlet before because it was where the room’s air cooler used to be plugged in. Curiosity gets the better of her — she approaches the outlet with the intent of using her fork to explore it.

This is a parent’s nightmare. To avoid situations like these, keep your electric outlets covered. There are good-quality products that you can buy from hardware stores or even Walmart.

Keep chemicals out of reach

Kids are playful, and one of the first things that they do when they find something new is to put it in their mouths. Bathroom cleaners, perfumes, and varnishes; these things are harmful for children when ingested. However, we cannot just keep them out of the house because they serve specific purposes. To avoid any incidents, keep these chemicals up high, out of reach of little hands. If possible, their storage cabinets should be equipped with sliding doors.


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