Want to Build Your Own Grow Room? Here’s What You Need

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This is a room for your indoor planting. Do not be misled; it isn’t only illegal plants that are grown in a grow room. You can grow any plant there, especially when you want a controlled environment free of pests and harsh weather.

A grow room is a huge investment in time and money, but there is a do-it-yourself process that is cost-effective and saves time. 

To have a successful indoor harvest, you need to build your grow room right, with proper planning and execution. Here are some things you’ll need to build one.

  1. An appropriate space

This is the first step in establishing a grow room. Space can be of any size, depending on the amount of plant you are growing. It can be an abandoned building, a garage, a basement at home, a cupboard, or a grow tent. Whatever space you decide to use, ensure it is clean and free of unnecessary furniture or tools. The important factor for space is its easy accessibility to you, vehicle, water, and electrical supply. 

  1. A growing medium

You need to decide what growing medium you intend to use for your plant and make it available. You can go for the traditional medium that can be easily gotten anywhere, which is soil. You can also opt for soil-less or hydroponic media like coco-coir, expanded clay, and rock wool which are relatively expensive but easy to maintain. They enable breathing space, but they lack nutrients, so you will have to procure liquid nutrients and a grow room dehumidifier to create the perfect medium. You also need to get containers or pots with water drainage in the bottom and handle for carriage. This is important as your medium and plant need to be in the container. 

  1. Flooring

The floor surface of your growing room should be smooth. A concrete floor with a drain is the most preferred option. If it is unavailable, waterproof covering like plastic sheets can be placed over a wooden or carpeted floor. A smooth surface enables easy cleaning and maintenance.

  1. A light-tight environment

You need to procure a total blackout reflective sheet such as a Mylar sheet, a white plastic sheet, or a matte white paint to obstruct every inflow of light to the grow room. This controls your lighting system and prevents natural light from entering, which can stress your plants. 

  1. The right light system

For your grow room, you need a grow light that is usually made up of a ballast that controls the amount of energy supplied, a lamp and reflector that guide the light in your plant’s direction. You need a main grow light, metal halide (was used in the past), sodium, dual spectrum HPS (which is most widely used), LEDs, and fluorescent light. You can also use a supplemental grow light like plasma and CDM, which is not necessary but will yield better results.

  1. Water source

Water is very vital for your plant growth; ensure you create a passage system like a water hose for water to get into your grow room.

  1. Air exchange system

There is a need for adequate CO2, oxygen, and moisture exchange for your plant’s survival, even in an airtight grow room. You will need to procure an extraction fan with a carbon filter to extract stale air and bad odour and an intake fan to move fresh air into the room. An oscillation fan will also be needed to circulate air around the room.

  1. Climate control

You have a grow room for this reason; hence utilize it. Two factors that should be controlled are humidity and temperature. You should get an air humidifier to control the humidity level. Also, an in-built hydrometer can be used to monitor the humidity level. The ideal temperature for a grow room should be between 20 to 25°C. A heating system, a ground A/C unit and the proper lighting system can be used to control the temperature. 

  1. Setup design

The setup design is based on the number of plants you intend to have and space’s type and size. Your design can be a whole room, subsets of a room, or an enclosed space like a cupboard. Your design determines your light and air exchange system and what kind of climate control apparatus you need. 

  1. Safety equipment

This is needed to ensure that the grow room is properly equipped for electrical and fire hazards. Your grow room should always have a fire alarm and extinguisher. You also need to adhere to safety precautions. 

If you have all this setup equipment where a proper planting plan is, you can proceed in growing your plants without fear of failure.


Ref number: THSI-2234

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