What Are the Best Tools for Indoor and Outdoor Home Renovations?

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Whether you own your own home or you own a rental property (or properties), renovations are something that always occurs. Something as simple as painting a room and changing the color of the area rugs while adding new table runners to match can be considered a home renovation.

The thought of tearing up a room down to the bare bones can cause anxiety within many but yet it is a necessary evil, especially when undertaking tasks such as upgrading wiring or electrical appliances. There are ways to make home renovations easier throughout the entire process and sometimes it is as simple as drawing up a specific blueprint to be followed or setting a strict budget. It can be as simple as having select tools or equipment on hand or shopping budget sales during local hardware stores end-of-season stock cleanouts.

Before deciding what home renovation you will undertake during the colder winter months or the warmer spring; you need to understand what a home renovation actually is, how it is important and why along certain tools should be in your toolbox for easier construction tasks. This is what we are going to touch on today, so let’s begin!

What are Home Renovations?

Home renovations are considered any tasks that cause an upgrade to your home or creates an addition within the home. The home is not just considered the interior of the physical structure but it also includes the exterior of the home (siding, brick, and patios) and existing properties (sheds, garages, greenhouses, etc.) along with gardens and walkways.

Why are They Important?

There are multiple reasons that you want to renovate a property and they can be everything from simply wanting a new aesthetic to suit your personality to expanding your family to the necessary renovations – think wiring, structural supports, patio reinforcements, and similar tasks.

Some of the most common reasons for completing a home renovation, no matter the size, could include the following:

  • It increases the comfort and/or enjoyment level of your home – if you are feeling uncomfortable within the rooms of your home, you find that your home feels more like a showroom; it is time to change that. Increasing the level of comfort and/or enjoyment found within your home will boost mental health and put you on a path for positivity in your life.
  • There is a safety issue – if the wiring within your home is older and could potentially cause fire hazards or fuses blowing within your panel box, it is time to renovate the home. If mold has infested the wooden support beams of the home, it is time to renovate. If your patio has rotted boards that could cause serious injury or your walkways have loose ragged edges that can cause injury, it is time to renovate.
  • You are looking to improve the home’s overall value – older homes will not sell on today’s market if there are renovations that need to be done or they will sell at a reduced price if the new owners will be undertaking the renovations themselves.
    • It should be noted that some municipalities’ will increase property taxes once a home is renovated, so please contact your local town office to confirm.
  • The efficiency of the home needs to be increased – if your home is older and you need to upgrade necessary appliances such as furnaces, water pumps, hot water tanks, stovetops, or refrigerators, you might find yourself wanting to renovate.

What are the Best Tools to have on Hand?

The number of tools on the market today is definitely not your ancestors’ tools with improved functions and longer use.

Some of the most common and best tools to have on hand for any home renovation include the following:

  • Sturdy hammer and wood nails of various lengths and widths – will install numerous things within the home and on the outside
  • Cordless drill of 18V or higher for projects – when used properly, will screw pieces together with accuracy and ensure a tight, secure hold
  • Various screws – wood screws, steel screws, plastic screws, drywall screws
  • Nail gun – this can be used for numerous projects from installing paneling on the interior and exterior of the home to outdoor projects – for patio repair/installation and for fencing
  • Stud sensor and finder – will ensure the accuracy and strength of various hangings or wall art
  • Jigsaw and reciprocating saw – these saws will ensure a smooth clean cut on wood or other materials when used correctly and feature rotating blades for corners, moldings and more
  • Double-sided tape – used in installing fixtures, décor and more
  • Utility knife – will be used on everything from opening packaging to trimming edges of drywall to marking lines of where you want to make a deep cut with a saw or blade


A lot of homeowners will tell you that home renovations are a nightmare and cause nothing but headaches along with telling you that once you start, you are never done. While these sayings do hold a grain of truth, it doesn’t have to be all bad. With some organized planning, specific budgets, and the help of people who have experience in home renovations all tasks can go smoothly.

Determine the reasons why you want to renovate your home or rental property and consult with local contractors or the project desk managers at your local home hardware store. Always remember to have a stocked toolbox for all your home renovation needs and make safety your first priority!

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