What Does a Student Miss When Choosing a Dorm Room?

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One of the most important decisions you will make throughout your stay in the college each year is where you live and shelter yourself for day-to-day activities, in other words, your dorm. This decision is not just one once-and-for-all but one which has to be recurrent and in many cases, annual. The reason for this is apparent: your dorm is your college home, and a choice of a dorm has a significant impact on not only your academic performance but also your overall college experience and thus should not be taken lightly.

Now, you have successfully selected a dorm, and you have settled in and set up yourself conveniently in the room, now, what is next? The truth is that most dorm users in colleges forget to put into account that the decision of cleaning and taking care of their dorm room is entirely theirs and will affect their semester success. 

What You Should Not Miss When Selecting a Dorm Room

First off, it could be a delicate assumption to believe that every student knows what to look out for when selecting a dorm room. Therefore, we will first see the most important details every student interested in having the college dorm experience should watch out for in choosing a dorm: 


The location of your dorm is largely one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a dorm room. Many times, a wrong location could be a serious blow to deal with throughout the year –this is because colleges usually extend on vast areas of land, and consider if the fastest to you can get to a dining hall from your dorm is only after a 20-minute walk or your dorm opens into an always noisy sports centre, you really would not have the best in-dorm experience for rest or study.

Room Size

An almost universal rule regarding the dorm room is the larger the room, the greater the number of students who would have to share the room. Therefore, you should know what would be the size of your dorm room before choosing it. If you probably are a great fan of privacy and you would love to have your room quiet at almost all times, you should do well to find out the size of your room and the number of roommates you will have.

Your room size allots the space available for your use, and your roommates determine the amount of activity in your room. Usually, colleges include the dimension of the rooms in their brochures, and they can easily reveal what you should expect regarding the space and number of beds.


There are different bathroom types in different dorms and ending up with a bathroom system you won’t be comfortable with for an academic year. Sometimes, some dorms have a bathroom attached to the dorm room, while some others will only be accessed after you have taken a short journey down the block. 

It is important you know this and do not miss it out when making the list of your considerations for your dorm room. Go for a bathroom style that works best for you.

Lifestyle and Themed Housing

It is important that you don’t go to a college only with study tips in your notepads, you should also have information about the lifestyle and themes of the dorm you will be moving into. Some dorms are known for their exceptional loud lifestyle, while some are known to be quiet and offer the best conditions perfect for studying.

In the same way, some college dorms have themed housing for their residents, such as rooms for athletes, non-smokers and so on, to create the best condition for the residents, you should know this too and choose what’s best for you. 

How to Clean Up Your Dorm Room


If you want the best experience for relaxing, studying, and general dorm life, then you need to ensure you keep a tidy room. Since your dorm room would always be your place of abode daily, it is essential you give it the best appearance and cleaning just like you use a plagiarism checker to improve your essays.

Many dorms spaces are tiny, and this allows them to get easily clumsy, but employing the tips below would surely be of great value for every dorm user who wishes to have neat, clean and highly organised dorm spaces. Just like writing essays and finding college essay examples and flashcards online, you will find useful tips for cleaning your dorm and making your space optimal for productivity.

Get Your Desks Organized Daily

The way desks get untidy is when unnecessary things stay on them for too long, or when items are not well-arranged on them. You should, therefore, ensure that you make organizing your desk a daily task and not a once-in-a-blue-moon adventure. This gives your dorm space an appealing outlook.

Lay Your Bed Daily

Yes, many days you will jump out of your bed and rush to get assignments or study done, and you forget about your bed. But don’t forget that you will meet it exactly that way when you come back into your dorm room, and that is not exactly a good practice to make your room clean.

Have Definite Places for Every Item

Don’t just throw off your shoes or clothes anywhere that is a breach in the organization of your room! Have specific destinations for specific items, and you will find your dorm staying clean for longer periods.

Have Your Trash Bin Emptied at the Appropriate Time

Piling up trash in your room won’t allow your dorm to be clean, therefore, you must always try to empty your trash when they are full and not when they are overflowing. Also, discard food leftovers in the dumpster immediately, and not in your room trash basket.

Have a Chore Chart

If you probably have roommates, you should have a chart that dictates who is expected to take on the duty of cleaning the entire room and the agreed time they should do it. This can work if you are alone on your own also, as a chore chart schedules cleaning into your activities.


The state of your dorm room will contribute not only to your academic performance but also to your overall college experience because that is your home while in the college. Hence, you should give it all it takes to make it clean and homely at all times.


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