What Is The ECO 4 Grant & How Does It Work

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ECO4 is the new phase of the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, which is designed to help homeowners make their homes energy-efficient.

The main purpose of this scheme is to offer financial assistance to low-income and vulnerable homes willing to install energy-saving measures in their home.

If you want to know more about this government initiative, you can delve into the guide to know everything about this scheme and how it works.

What Is The ECO4 Grant?

The Energy Company Obligation scheme is a government initiative launched in 2013. The scheme offers several phases to help vulnerable and low-income households obtain financial support for insulation installation.

The final phase of the scheme, ECO4, started in 2022 and will continue until March 2026. Through this scheme, homeowners will be eligible for a home improvement grant to improve their homes’ energy efficiency.

The UK government will fund a long list of measures under this grant.

  • Insulation installation

One of the main benefits of the ECO4 grant is the coverage to install insulation around your home. This way, you can save up to 1800 euros or pounds a year.

Depending on the household’s needs and circumstances, you can install insulation for cavity walls, solid walls, and a room in a roof.  Instead of considering heating upgrades for your home, the insulation services you will get through the ECO4 grant will make your home more energy-efficient.

  • Boiler replacement, only non-condensing ones

Every boiler has different functionalities, and not every boiler will be replaced with a heating pump. However, with the ECO4 grant, you will receive funding to repair and upgrade the existing boilers to make them more efficient.

By availing of the scheme, households can make the most out of the boilers and use them to their potential, which is up to 12 years. You will be getting coverage for diagnostics, cleaning, and repairing the boilers.

  • Electric heating maintenance and installation

You will be surprised that the ECO4 scheme will cover green heating systems such as heat pumps and biomass boilers.

The new, updated heating systems will offer more energy efficiency and replace outdated boilers. This way, a household can save up to 25% reduction in their bills.

A household can also benefit from installing a new solar panel to save energy through this scheme.

Who Is Eligible For It?

There are criteria set for the grant’s eligibility if you are interested in getting it.

  • You must be a householder, whether you are renting or owning your own home
  • Your home has the lowest rating of EPC near D or below
  • You must have received one of the following benefits within 18 months of installation
    1. Child tax credit
    2. Child benefit
    3. Income-based employment and support
    4. Universal Credit
    5. Housing benefit

If you have claimed child support, you must meet the income criteria to avail of the grant. Otherwise, you do not need to meet the income requirements for the support. Once eligible for the ECO4 grant, you will be connected to 30+ registered companies around Scotland if you live there.

This way, the professional installers will contract the energy companies to fund to ensure you get the best services under this initiative.

How Can You Apply For the ECO4 Grant?

If you are interested in getting the grant and wondering about the process, here are details of the procedure you can follow to apply successfully.

  1. Apply Online

The application process for the ECO4 grant is simple: To determine eligibility, visit the energy-saving Genie’s free grant checker. The process will only take 23 seconds.

Here is a list of factors that you will need to meet to become eligible for the grant if you have applied for:

  • Income support allowance
  • Working tax credit
  • Child tax credit
  • Housing benefit
  • Child benefit
  • Universal Credit 

 The process of becoming eligible for the ECO4 grant is simple. However, you and your home must meet strict criteria for the grant.

After that, you can offer proof of your eligibility for the grant to insulate your home for better energy efficiency.

What ECO 4 Scheme Will Be in 2024

While you are looking ahead to 2024, the ECO4 grant is dedicated to enhancing more households by reducing energy bills. This way, a household can experience the best comfort with innovation and exclusivity.

The government has reaffirmed its support for this year’s efforts to fight fuel poverty and save more energy, which will be allocated to developmental factors and carbon reduction missions.

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