What makes sliding doors so special

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Benefits of external sliding doors

External sliding doors come with a lot of advantages

Bring natural light in

Installation of fully glazed sliding doors, with the frame completely hidden inside the walls (pocket door), will flood your space with natural light—such an effect you will achieve with, e.g. Aluminium Sliding Doors MB-SKYLINE or Cortizo Corvision. Large glazing units transform dark and unwelcoming rooms into bright and airy spaces for you to enjoy.

Reduce your energy bills.

Energy efficiency is now more critical than it has ever been before. Replacing a solid wall with glass does not sound logical, especially if you have chosen building materials with high insulation properties. But thanks to modern glazing technology, sliding doors are highly efficient, too. You have to remember that the glazing unit is the warmest part of the window or sliding doors. The larger the glazing unit, the warmer the whole window system. Triple glazing and solid wooden frame (like in, e.g. Wooden Sliding Doors Naruto 76 HST) prevent heat loss, while glass reflects heat into the room. Moreover, by maximising available daylight, sliding doors will reduce lighting bills.

Bring the outside in

Easy access to your garden is another highly prized benefit of installing sliding doors. You can blend your living space with nature with a sliding door, e.g. uPVC Aluplast Smart-Slide leading to a patio or garden. In the summer, such a solution will give you easy access to your garden – without opening and closing swing doors whenever you are about to go out or come back in.


Save space 

Sliding doors move by sliding along the door track. As a result, they do not need much space to operate properly and effectively. Thanks to it, you have more free space to work with when it comes to furnishing your home. Although homeowners usually associate sliding doors with modern architecture and spacious rooms, they are highly recommended as a space-saving solution for modernisation projects of traditional homes.   

Provide security and safety.

Sliding doors used to have a bad reputation for being breakable and a security risk. But it is no longer true. Contemporary advances in glass technology and locking systems ensure your sliding door system is safe and secure. The security level has been raised with multi-point locking and shatter-proof glass. The latter makes sliding doors not only burglar-proof but also perfectly safe for children and pets. No serious harm will be done if someone does not notice that the door is closed and hits the pane. 

Offer flexibility 

With sliding doors, you can achieve almost any effect you are going for. The system can include up to four sashes which slide open (active sashes) or don’t move at all (passive sashes). Low-profile sliding doors will open the space even further, giving the impression that the doors are only made from glass and glass. You can highlight the effect by hiding frames in the walls, floor and ceiling. 

Internal sliding doors: Are they a worthwhile investment?

Installation of external sliding doors turns your home into a modern, comfortable and energy-efficient building. What about internal sliding solutions?

The internal sliding door is a fantastic choice to upgrade your home interior’s aesthetic and functionality. Thanks to the system, you can make the best use of the space you have and, at the same time, make a bold style statement. Depending on the room layout, sliding doors may divide a more prominent space into smaller ones or create an impression of a bright and airy room, separated from the rest of the house with an elegant glass panel.

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