What to Do If You Have No Place to Stay Between Moves

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More often than not, people are stressed and have many problems due to bad planning when moving. When you find yourself between apartments, you’re wondering what to do and how you got into that situation. You live nowhere and can’t leave until the new place is ready.

Since every person moves an average of 11 times, it’s normal to expect you’ll do it at least once more. Finding yourself between homes might be stressful, so if it happens to be at this point in life, it’s wise to know your options.

In this article, we share information to help you get through these difficult times. We will share tips and tricks on handling the situation and the movement process. Follow up and learn more about tackling the problem of not having a place to stay when you’re between apartments.

Airbnb is always an option.

Your moving project may cost thousands of dollars, depending on how well you plan and how much stuff you must move. While spending top dollars for this, you might as well put a few extra bucks on the side and pay for an excellent AirBnb property where you’ll stay while the new place is ready.

Of course, if you must wait for months, this will become too expensive, and you’ll need a different solution, but if we’re talking for a few days or weeks, an Airbnb apartment may be the best solution.

Check out the places in the surrounding area and use the time to learn more about the new neighbourhood. If you find it more suitable, you might as well find a place in an exotic area and use a vacation. Instead of being close to the new home, you can use the time to go on a vacation.

Check-in a motel

A similar but still different idea is to check in at a motel. Many options are available, and you should consider whether you like this idea or’d rather go with the first option. An Airbnb can be a house, an apartment, or something similar, while motels are usually just one room where you can only sleep.

If you prefer having your own place and enjoying life as you would if you already moved, then the first option is better, but a motel is more affordable and convenient. You simply check in and check out whenever you want. You have no obligations toward the owner, making this a simpler and quicker option.

Adjust your UTE for a few days.

This idea is for those who own a utility vehicle, truck, or caravan. If you do, living in these vehicles may be something you wanted to do your whole life but never got the chance to do it.

Your UTE or truck can be transformed into a true remote home. You can install a toolbox canopy over the rear tray, a UTE toolbox with drawers under it, and many other features that will provide a true feeling of home. You can design a home on wheels that will let you enjoy time spent between houses.

Check out your friend’s place

Another interesting idea worth considering for those who have lots of friends and love helping others. If you develop strong relationships with people, you will easily find a place to crash for a couple of days. Check with your friends and see who has a spare bed for you.

This may be an excellent time to reconnect with someone, visit your family, and spend time with people you love. Instead of spending money on hotels and rental homes, you can buy an interesting present for your hosts. Don’t forget to be humble and expect nothing more than you’d be able to provide for others coming to your place.

Go camping and enjoy nature

If you liked the idea with the UTE, you’d love this one. Pack your bags, leave everything at your friend’s house, and head to the mountains, where you will enjoy a camping session. Organise everything and find a perfect spot where you will place the tent.

This might be an excellent time to enjoy nature, spend time alone or with a friend, and fully dedicate yourself to meditating. Your time spent outdoors is a chance to do so much. You can go hiking, mountaineering, fishing, or enjoy the silence and the fresh air.


Using these tips and ideas might help you get through this process quickly. It is genuinely stressful, so finding a place to stay for some time might be the most significant thing you must do during these difficult times. With our list of ideas, you can do it quickly.

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