What to do When Planning a House Renovation?

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Renovating a home often comes with conflicting feelings of excitement and dread all at once, as you plan your path towards a more comfy and secured home. Much like a path that is carved out and definite, you will also need to be clear on the steps you will need to take and what it would cost you to achieve your ideal property.

Here are things to do when planning your house renovation.

1. Draw up a list of things to fix or replace

Do you want to overhaul the kitchen, bedroom, or any other specific sections of the house? Or you want to do a general renovation? You’ll need to be clear on what you want or think the home needs in order to upgrade to your new tastes.

Besides, what might look obvious to you that needs fixing or replacing, may not be so to your tradesman or contractor.

Draw up a detailed list or take pictures and sketch images and put them together on a mood board. It will serve as a useful tool to help you’re your professional workman to clearly understand what you desired from him/her.

2. Bring in a surveyor

Bringing in a surveyor will cost you a few pounds or dollars, but you’ll also get real value for your home refurbishing need. A detailed survey’s drawing of the property will provide a clear and more practical view of your home, identify hidden spaces, as well as areas that can be better utilized or where space be added.

3. Pay attention to the utilities (water, gas, electricity)

Your home renovation time is a chance to upgrade to a more modern and safer wiring, gas supply system, heating pipes, and sewer lines. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make your home ‘smarter’ with wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi and TV and gadget installations.

Remember that for all your utility replacements or upgrade needs, and particularly for electrical connections in the property, make sure always to hire friendly and certified professionals in your local area. They will be more able to combine technical expertise and local knowledge for a safer and more standard work. For example, if your property is located in the Watford, St Albans area in the UK, Elsys Electrical Contractors is a good choice for all your electrical needs.

4. Upgrade to new and modern windows

Are you thinking of installing all of your windows or replacing a few ones? Remember windows are the ‘eye’ to the home from the outside and one of the features that make the first impression about your tastes and the general home appeal. So, make it count.

5. Achieve instant transformation with new interior painting, wallpaper, and other surface finishes

This is usually the last item in the house renovation project and puts the final touch on the TLC work on your home. Carefully choose your hue and colour combinations, hanging wallpaper, staining and ceiling trim, and painting moulding and trim. Preferably, hire a home décor professional for expert advice and a professional painter for a flawless work.

6. Set your budget

Don’t just call all the tradesmen or contractors you need to spruce up your home, make sure to have a clear estimate of the total costs, so you can make necessary adjustments and control your spending. A good rule of the thumb is to make space for extra 10-15% of the cost to handle miscellaneous.

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