What to Look For When Viewing a Student House

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As a student enrolled in a higher education institution, there are many things to take care of, including housing. The choice may be between your parents’ home, a dormitory, or a rented apartment. Or in some cases, your family decides to buy an apartment for the duration of your studies.

If questions concerning academic assignments such as ‘the best essays ‘how to choose college essay topic‘ can be solved quickly and online, then the issue of choosing a place of residence must be approached in advance and responsibly. Let’s consider what you need to take into account.

Options for student accommodation

First of all, it is worth noting that a large number of different options are provided. It may be an inexpensive room in a dormitory or a rented apartment. The main options that are suitable for students are listed below.

Dormitory or hostel

Of course, many out-of-town students want to get a room in the dormitory when they enrol. However, not everyone can get a room due to the large number of students.

A good alternative is considered a private hostel, which provides all the necessary conditions for a low fee.

Renting an apartment

This is a great option, in which all the necessary conditions will be provided. The only and significant disadvantage of renting an apartment is the high cost. A good solution is to share your apartment with a friend or classmate. There is also an option in which the student can live with the landlord, renting only one room. However, if the hosts are strangers, this option is risky.

What to look for when viewing a student house

Choosing the right housing has its pitfalls and peculiarities, which are important to consider. The main ones are presented below.


As a rule, many students start looking for a suitable housing option in the middle of summer. So it is better to start looking for it in late spring to find a suitable option at a reasonable price, as well as provide a greater assortment.

The area

You should also take into account the location of your accommodation – how far it is from the university. Close proximity will allow you to save significantly on travel. But in this case, do not exclude a large number of those who want to spend the night.


It is also worth considering the presence of shops and other important objects near the house because it is always convenient when all the necessary institutions are located practically in a stone’s throw.

Appliances and furniture

When renting an apartment, note the availability of furniture and appliances, since some owners increase the cost of living. However, some electrical appliances are considered a necessary minimum when renting an apartment. And the necessary furniture can be purchased for a low price.

How and where to look for an apartment

The main places to look for apartments for students are real estate search services, social networks, and real estate agencies. Combine several channels to get quick results.

Real estate search services

The most convenient in terms of the number of offers and filters that you can apply during the search. However, most of the listings for cheap apartments on these sites are fake – they are used by realtors to attract attention. For this tool to work, do not be fooled by ads with an impossibly low price tag, and ask for photos of the apartment before you go to the viewing.

Social Media

This tool replaced good old-fashioned word of mouth. Social networking sites have a variety of community housing, student groups, or sites specific to your school where you can quickly find out who’s moving out and who is looking for a replacement. The main advantage is that you can also find roommates there.

Real Estate Agencies

This option is best suited for those who came to their senses in the high season – in September. Without professional help, you will not succeed, because all the available cheap options are already sold out. The agent knows the market better, so you will save time and nerves. However, be prepared to pay more – the percentage of agents starts at 50% of the rent per month.

Memo about house viewing

  1. If you are just entering and it is impossible to prepare in advance, start the search for co-students who are graduating this year. Interviewing 5-6 people, you should be able to find more or less suitable variants.
  2. Don’t get hung up on just apartments within walking distance. Sometimes it’s better to buy a student pass and take a couple of stops on transport than to overpay for proximity to a student neighbourhood.
  3. Be prepared for a quick deal. Monitor listings every few hours and have enough with you to pay the deposit, commission, and one month’s rent.
  4. At the apartment inspection, think about what you are going to say about yourself and your roommates. As a rule, girls or couples are more trustworthy. If the apartment is for a group of guys, think about how to make a good impression.


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