What type of boiler is right for your new installation

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With so many different types of boilers and many brands to choose from, it’s hard to know what boiler you want to be installed in your home. Hot water and central heating are an important part of your everyday life and that’s why if you are in need of a boiler replacement, it’s best to take a little time to look at the different boiler options before your new boiler installation. 

Since the basic boiler was first invented, there have been many new technological inventions making the boiler impressively efficient at heating your radiators and hot water. This means that if you choose correctly, your new boiler will not only heat up your house and shower better but save you money on your heating bills. But before we get into the details on what type of boiler you should likely choose for your home, we suggest getting professional advice or even using online software, as the one Boiler Choice offers to their Birmingham boiler installation customers. 

Combi boilers 

Combination boilers provide hot water all over your house from one single boiler system. These are great for smaller homes as they take up little space in your house. This means that, unlike other boilers, you don’t have to have space in the loft for the main tank. They are the most popular choice of boiler in the UK because of their size but also their efficiency. They provide guaranteed quick access to hot water.  

Installing combi boilers is an easy process as there is no separate hot water cylinder or storage tank. The boiler draws water directly from the mains and provides hot water on demand. Therefore they are only in use when you need hot water. This makes them cost-effective. The fact that they draw water straight from the mains means that you are guaranteed a powerful shower. 

Advantages of combi boilers: 

  • Quicker, easier, and cheaper to fit than system boilers 
  • They take up little space so perfect for smaller homes
  • They take water from the mains, so you are guaranteed a powerful shower

Disadvantages of combi boilers:

  •  Combi boilers only deal with one heating outlet at a time. So, if more than one water source is being used at once, they could have weak power. 

Regular Boilers 

These traditional boilers are great for those who do not have the pipework to install combi boilers. They are great for older homes as it means that you don’ţ have to change your current heating system – just replace the boiler. If you have a large house, these boilers are perfect. They require space for cold water and a hot water tank as well as a hot water cylinder.

With these boilers, you can use multiple taps at once. They are also compatible with backup immersion heaters and with this turn-on, you will never be cut short in the cold. 

Another great thing about regular boilers is that they are compatible with solar energy systems. If you are looking to be more eco-conscious and want to utilise solar power, your regular boiler is a great addition to this sustainable energy source. 

Advantages of regular boilers

  • The water from the taps will be at a good flow rate 
  • Hot water is supplied instantaneously 
  • They are ideal for power showers

Disadvantages of a system boiler

  • They are more expensive to install because they need more pipework 
  • They take up more space
  • If the cistern is not located high enough, the power in the shower could below

System boilers 

These boilers work in the same way as convention boilers, but they don’t need a cold water feed tank. Instead, they take water directly from the mains. This water is heated in the boiler and stored in the hot water tank. With system boilers, you can get hot water whenever you like. 

Installing a system boiler is easy because there is only one water tank. This also means it takes up less space and therefore is ideal for smaller homes. System boilers are also compatible with solar energy. 

Advantages of system boilers: 

  • Great for larger homes with higher water demands. 
  • Installation is quick and easy as there is only one water tank 
  • Flow rates are high because water is delivered at mains pressure
  • Hot water is instantaneous

Disadvantages of system boilers

  • If overused, you might run out of water 
  • Some installers claim they are more complex than regular boilers 

What about boiler size? 

Boilers used to be made 30% oversized, but now this is thought of as wasteful and people are realising that it’s appropriate to get a boiler that is exactly the right size for your home. This is decided by the calculation of heat loss with your specific house size. The materials used also come into play as well as your house’s water requirements. This includes how many bathrooms there are in your house. 

Now you know the boiler basics, all you need to do is speak to a professional gas engineer to install your perfect boiler. Another option is to take a boiler questionnaire like the one from Boiler Choice– a hassle-free way to find the perfect boiler for your home. 



Ref number: THSI-2305
Ref number: THSI-2341

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