What We’ve Learned So Far from the Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Schedule

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When the B1G released its schedule 3.0 for 2020 football games, the Nebraska Cornhuskers found themselves in the most precarious situation. Nebraska made a public fuss over the conference’s initial decision to postpone the games; they even spent bellicose weeks while players tried suing the league. It all went from bad to worse after Rutgers was removed from each team’s nine fixtures. Perhaps the most notable and critical takeaway from the announcement was how the Huskers were to begin the season.

What couldn’t go unnoticed is the brutal crossover to Ohio State and Penn State, which presented the most challenging fixtures. Although both states were on Husker’s original schedule, they’d hoped to get a break that they ‘deserved.’ It might have been a coincidence, but taking on the conference’s 2019 two division winners in their first match doesn’t make it any better. We love to keep things simple in beautiful Nebraska, from straightforward ways of making a livelihood, love of family, and an obsession with football. Our way of life is complemented with the utmost convenience, even in the most basic needs. It’s incredible how there is an expert for almost everything you would need in our State; today, you could be moving into a new house or fall victim to a break-in and it only takes one phone call to have all your locks rekeyed by ontimelocksmiths. It’s such dependability that makes life simpler in Nebraska.

From the precedence, you can understand why the 2020 football schedule has upset most residents. Here are other few quick takeaways from the revised schedule, released on Sept 19, 2020.

Nebraska Got the Toughest Fixtures in the West

Across all-Big Ten West teams, there isn’t any that has difficult fixtures like Nebraska. Without sugarcoating the situation, competing with two cross-divisional and Wisconsin in the first four weeks- it’s unlikely to cheat our way out of a beating. There is no other team in the Big Ten West teams with such a challenging schedule. It’s not a wonder that representatives were fuming after the draw.

If you didn’t know, Nebraska vs. Ohio is a heated rivalry match. Even though Ohio has gotten the best of Nebraska five times ever since the East-West structure was introduced, it still is a difficult rivalry match like any other. The Big Ten intended to create an exciting showdown between the two counties, but, as it seems, Nebraska has not committed to the deal with its average score of Buckeyes 53, Huskers 19. On the upside, the Huskers can enjoy a trip to the East’s boardwalks. However, when they return to the West, they have fixtures against Wisconsin, Iowa, and Northwestern lined in stadiums without the fans’ inspiring chants. 

Schedule with Wisconsin in the Second Week is an Advantage

Ever since the Big Ten was established, there is no particular time when it has been easy for Nebraska to take on the Badgers in a football match. Against Nebraska, Wisconsin has won the seven recent encounters with their overall stats at NU 1, Badgers 8, since 2011. The average series scores stand 41-22 in favour of Wisconsin Badgers. That said, Cornhuskers will be mentally and physically prepared for a hard time with their western counterparts. They’ll have to take courage from their first game with Ohio to prepare for this tough game that features in the second week of the conference. Had the game been scheduled for Dec 12, it would’ve probably been a worse timing from Nebraska’s perspective. Many fans fear that the Badgers would be useful in countering Scott Frost’s offensive approach with ease by just leaning on it.

The revised schedule on Oct 31 gives Nebraska a good chance since weather conditions will potentially work in their favor. Unlike Cornhuskers, the Badgers have not been able to practice or engage in work-out routines due to the pandemic. This gives NU an upper hand, although it may not matter. After battling it out with Ohio in the first week, there is no doubt that the Huskers will test their mettle with their next opponent.

 Football Team Rivalries are Back!

The B1G rivalry week matches had been scraped off when the schedule was revised in early August. This approach focused on scheduling essential matches at the beginning of the year to have enough time to adjust the dates if there is a need to cancel or postpone games. The only rivalry teams that were scheduled to compete were Indiana and Purdue. Luckily for the fans, the latest revised fixture includes Rivalry Week in the list of matches to be played this year. Dec 12 will be the last day when various teams face off before the “Champions Week” shuts the curtain for the 2020 campaign with groups matched according to how they finish the division. For example, No.1 East will face No.1 West, No.2 East will face No.2 West, etc. It will be weird not to play the rivalry games on the customary Thanksgiving weekend. However, it will still be fun to experience the glorious “Hate Week,” especially after everything that has happened in disastrous 2020.



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