What You Should Know About The Foundation Repair Process

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If you’re planning to hire a contractor to fix your home’s foundation, you might be wondering about foundation repair and the process it entails. Foundation repair may seem like a scary phrase due to its negative connotations, but once you understand its procedure, you’ll realize the importance of it at your home.
Learning the foundation repair process and the methods contractors use to fix your home’s foundation may probably help you ease your nerves. Therefore, to find out what it is and the procedure it involves, below are the things you should keep in mind.


Before making repairs, contractors will begin their work by carefully securing the work areas, such as removing plants from around the foundation and ensuring that your home is protected and safe. They do this to avoid any potential mess during their foundation repair. They also do special indoor preparation to ensure the safety of your house. They use tarps and plastic sheeting to cover your floors and furniture to avoid any accident or debris and dust from disrupting your furniture. Then, they’ll bring all the materials they need to the dig locations once their preparations are done.


For the next step of the foundation repair process, contractors will start the excavation, which means they’ll dig out the area around your home’s foundation where the pilings and piers are placed. As part of the five-step foundation repair, they’ll dig directly underneath your house and perform necessary maintenance, and this may take a little while to accomplish. They’ll dig by using their hands unless there’s a framework over where they should make a hole. 

Furthermore, to perform these actions, a contractor has to break out sections of your concrete slab foundation and peel the back carpet on top. They do this so that before fixing the foundation, they can install the piers. Then, to ensure that there’s no lasting damage, they’ll fix these holes. In addition, to preserve any decking against your home, contractors will remove them temporarily.


Ramming, also known as lifting, is a process wherein the contractors will place solid concrete cylinders into each excavated hole. To limit any unnecessary lawn damage, they’ll put the piers, with the size of six inches by twelve inches, in place through 25-ton hydraulic machines on the pre-placed boards. Then, they’ll put a hand jack onto the pier to use the weight of your home to push the piers into the ground. Piers are pressed all together to maintain the weight distribution of the slab foundation. 

Furthermore, every quarter to half-inch measurement is taken as the home is raised to ensure its proper height. Then, to wrap up the repair process, contractors will place steel shims on top of the concrete piers.


Backfilling is the part of the foundation repair process wherein your home will begin to look like a home again. Contractors will use the dirt they dug during the excavation process to cover the holes created for the piers. After the foundation repair, they’ll pile the dirt higher than usual, knowing that the dirt will be compressed once there’s a flood or rain. Doing this will give the soil time to sink into holes gradually over a year.
In addition, companies from foundation repair will let you know to contact them if there’s a problem after the repair, so they can come to your house and fix it.


Cleanup is the final part of the foundation repair process and one that they’ll give as much detail as the other parts of the process. For instance, as for the remaining dirt, contractors will cart it away and clean your property. The contractor or crew will spend a few hours washing down the outside of your house to remove any dust and dirt. They’ll also clean all the tarps and boards, and remove them from your lawn and from the inside of your home.
If needed, the contractors or crew will also put the landscaping back in place. Good foundation repair companies will ensure you’re satisfied with the cleanup process and the procedure of foundation repair as a whole by calling you the next day and making sure that their work is done completely.


In summary, there are five standard steps to resolving foundation issues and ensuring your home’s safety. These steps include preparation, excavation, ramming, backfill, and cleanup. Apart from informing you about the foundation repair procedure, contractors will also tell you about what’s involved with repairing your foundation.
Although most people have no idea what foundation repair is, foundation damages are not something you should ignore. Therefore, you shouldn’t be hesitant to contact a contractor to examine your home and see some signs of foundation problems.


Ref: THSI-2494 / ZD22386

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