Where To Find Quality Oil Paintings?

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The quaint art of oil painting has lived among us long before we knew it since many caves are enshrined with oil imprints that date back to the 7th century, prior to its entry into Europe in the 11th century. 

There’s something about the dense and light strokes of oil paint over the coarse canvas that has kept the flame of this art alive through the pangs of time. So much so that now it emblazons museums and art galleries, bestowing inspiration and passion for all who are fortunate enough to set eyes on it. 

There’s something about it that makes you want to possess the miscellany of historicity, revolution, culture, innovation, and beauty that is art. 


Now where to look for it? 

Classic paintings have found their humble abode in the grand museums made in the ode of artists that devoted their life to it and in the art galleries that vow to cosset the artwork in all its glory. 

Acquiring the originals would be a tough bone to crack due to their exclusivity and sky-high value. So, reproduction of vintage classics with oil on canvas can offer similar gratification to art enthusiasts and this way everyone can have a piece of the original piece dangling like jewels in their homes. 

Digital art galleries have taken up to this task of birthing the dreams of possessing exclusive artworks of many aficionados into a stark reality. 1st art gallery is a fine spectacle of exemplary reproduction works which has honored it with the crown of being the world’s largest supplier of made-to-order paintings. 


Quality? Check.

Understanding the trust issues that accompany the purchase of art online, 1st art gallery has made it a priority to deliver paintings painted with the utmost craftsmanship owing to the fine team of artists with an experience of ten years. The art gallery hoards centuries of paintings crafted with skill by prominent artists which one can easily view with their user-friendly interface. 

The art gallery has indexed paintings according to various categories like art movements, art genres, timeline, etc. acting like a lighthouse illuminating the way to your destination which is your preferred oil painting. These categories are infused with information and in-depth analysis which can further be a guide to your interest area. 

Suppose you’ve heard a lot about Romanticism and want to buy an epic piece of that, the description given about the movement will not just enlighten you but also point you into the direction of prominent artists of the era. William Turner, a Romantic of the highest caliber is the first in the list of most popular artists. If your heart has landed on Turner, then all you’ve to do is select your preferred size, get an account made and leave the rest to the magic wands of the gallery’s artists. 


What about the guarantee? 

An assurance of quality and authenticity is a consumer right which 1st art gallery firmly believes in which is why they’ve burned the midnight oil to establish trust with their existing clientele as well as future customers. 

Firstly, a plethora of samples are posted on the website alongside the original artwork is not just for your comparison but also, shows the gallery’s commitment to quality. 


This is a reproduction of an exquisite painting called Skating at Sunset by the famous Romantic artist, Nils Hans Christiansen. He was a master of landscapes and peaceful beauty, two key elements of the Romantic period. The land shrouded with ice can be seen with softer and less precise brushstrokes and the play with light brings out the emerging hues of the sunset.


1st gallery takes pride in its splendid work quality and if you are not satiated your hesitation then head over to the website showcasing hundreds of testimonials that build a bridge between the past and present customers. The testimonials are filled with customers weaving threads of praises for the art gallery and its esteemed work which led to their satisfaction. This word of mouth strengthens your belief in the art gallery to help you take the first step of association with them.


1st art gallery takes pride in their blessed work of art reproduction and takes immense steps for customer satisfaction. Your desired painting with its entire vintage mystique will not be delivered empty-handed on your doorstep but comes with a Certificate of authenticity. The art gallery also provides 100% money-back guarantee on the purchased painting along with free shipping worldwide infused with skilled workers to make your place a true haven of art. 

Perfect for wall décor 

1st art gallery has clientele ranging from Hollywood Production houses to interior design firms to the Royal Family, which should clear any and all doubts regarding its excellence and commitment to work. 

Alongside skilled craftsmanship, blood and sweat also go into the reproduced piece of artwork and the art gallery makes sure it is fit enough to be a part of your workspace or home. These classic oil paintings give a vintage touch to your place and adding some depth as well as showering exuberance. 

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