Where to start! Tips on renovating a rundown home.

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Across England in 2012 there were around 710,000 homessitting empty, of which 259,000 had been uninhabited for a period of six monthsor more. Many of these, it was thought, lay empty because they were in a stateof disrepair, so they were unlikely to be sold or let without having toundertake a little remedial work on them beforehand.

Whilst some people may feel unsure about spending money on ahouse only to then sell it down the line, there are huge financial benefits todoing so in both the eventual sale price and speed in which a suitable buyeris found.

So, where exactly should a seller start when met with adilapidated, run-down home?


Know what you want

One of the biggest reasons for renovation work over-running,coming in above budget or simply hitting snags, is a lack of clarity beforeeven a single tool has been handled.


Whilst not everyone will get into a renovation with an exactpicture in mind of what they want the finished article to look like, a vagueidea will help when it comes to deciding budget and time restraints. For anyoneundertaking renovations with friends, family or partners, this is an evengreater consideration – to ensure everyone is working off the same page.


Concentrate on the basics

The finishing touches and little flourishes may well be whatcatch the eye, but this certainly shouldnt come at the expense of doing thebasics right. Plumbing, wiring and insulation might not have the glamourfactor, but they will most certainly be issues for which new buyers (or at thevery least, their surveyors) will pay close attention.

Therefore, these basics should feature most heavily in theinitial stages, with only the more aesthetic issues coming much later.


Do your research

Any property that needs large-scale renovation work will mostprobably need a builder. Those which require work on gas systems are requiredby law to have this undertaken by a professional that is on the Gas SafeRegister. There may also be a need for electricians and plumbers as well.

These require research on two counts. First, its worthknowing what an individual is and isnt legally allowed to do in their home, asthese measures have been brought in for the publics protection.

Next, householders should research prospective tradespeople toensure they are reputable and reasonably priced. Thankfully, there are plentyof sources online which allow previous customers to rate the work theyve haddone in a bid to drive out the cowboys.

There are, of course, any number of considerations to make,depending on house size and just how much work it needs doing. Keeping thesethree in mind, however, should give prospective renovators agood place to start at a time when it may otherwise seem a little overwhelming.

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