Whether Its Worth To Fix The Roof By Yourself

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Marriage in the construction of the roof is not acceptable. Often, to correct mistakes made during installation, the roof has to be dismantled and installed from scratch. The main factors for the success of the roofing device are as follows:

  • the right choice of materials and performers. It is important to use quality materials and all accessories necessary for the installation of the roof. Quality must be confirmed by the manufacturer’s warranty. For installation should involve specialists with licenses and certificates like Tornado Roofing & Contracting.
  • Proper installation of roofing cake, in accordance with all standards and recommendations for the installation of each element of the roof. During installation, it is necessary to ensure reliable vapour and waterproofing, as well as ventilation of the insulation layer by the device eaves and ridge ventilation vents, weathervane.
  • improper fixing of the roof. An excessive number of complex architectural elements and inconsistency of their location with the ventilation of the roof can lead to the formation of unventilated areas.

Evidence of roof leaking

There are frequent leaks in the areas adjacent to walls and chimneys, as well as in the ending zone (broken slope with the formation of the inner corner). The latter are particularly difficult to eliminate: usually sealants and sticking the joint outside help briefly, sooner or later have to remove the coating on a fairly large area.

Ways to find the leak area

It is not always easy to find the leak location. The most common way is to carefully inspect the purlins and covering from the attic side right after it rains and knock a signal to your partner working outside. Places of defects in the insulated roof without removing the coating is extremely difficult to find because the water flows down the intermediate layers and is localized on the ceiling far below the hole in the roof. In the case of a flat roof will help an electric flaw detector. 

The problem of condensation

With the leaks sometimes confused condensation on the lower surface of the roof. To prevent this phenomenon in the case of the attic system is necessary in the construction phase, providing a ventilation gap and decking on top of the battens of hydrating film. In a house with a cold attic will help increased ventilation of the attic space, as well as additional sealing of the floor.

Repair of the gutter with your own hands

Faulty drain – a frequent cause of leaks in the roof. If the problem is clogging, the gutter should be washed with a jet of water under pressure, placing a garden hose in the drain hole. In the future, to protect against debris it is recommended to stretch over the gutter synthetic or metal mesh. It is also important to check the level of its slope: that the water flowed normally and not stagnant, the gutter should be slightly tilted. No less common causes of leakage of metal gutters and gutters – corrosion and cracking. Plots covered with rust are cleaned with a steel brush, and the cracks are patched with a special aluminium repair tape on a butyl rubber base.

Another factor of gutter leakage is the depressurization of compounds. In systems made of PVC for compounds use dichloroethane adhesive or rubber seals. The easiest way to replace worn seals with new ones (durability differ products made of EPDM rubber). In this case, the removal and installation of the gutter will not be difficult – enough to “detach” the section. Repair the damaged section with an adhesive connection is more difficult: you will have to cut out a piece of pipe, buy a new one and glue the joint with a similar adhesive.

Optimal slope

The larger the angle of slopes, the easier it is to snow from them. However, construction costs are increasing. In addition, the steep slopes more difficult to move during maintenance and repair. Therefore, you need to choose the golden mean. Say, in the region of houses with a cold attic is desirable to do with a slope of about 30 °, the attic – about 45 °.

Optimal slope

Constructions of complex shape (multi-plug, with hatches and level differences) are more laborious to care for. They have to clean snow and foliage, more often chemical treatment to prevent the growth of mould fungus and moss. The risk of leaks on them is much higher.

Repair of roofing is usually carried out on their own. This is done when you need to fill small holes or spoiled docking areas. If the problem lies in installation errors, you have to fix them. In this case, rarely do without complete or partial dismantling of the system. It is better to entrust specialists. 


Ref number: THSI-2038

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