Which Game of Thrones Castle Should be Your Home?

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With season 4 of Game of Thrones recently coming to an end, we all need to get our weekly GoT fix somehow. So for all you house-hunters out there searching for your dream home, perhaps you should consider a more medieval dwelling and take a look at these Game of Thrones castles as your possible new homestead. 



image source: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Harrenhal


The biggest castle in all of Westeros, Harrenhal took 3 generations worth of hard graft to complete and would make an imposing and intimidating home for any home-owner brave enough to take it on.


Located in the heart of the River-lands and ancestral home of the Iron born, Harrenhal has not been the most welcoming home to most of its inhabitants. Many different houses and families have called the castle home following the destruction of the Iron born by some very angry dragons. However all of them were either wiped out or faded into oblivion, leading many people to believe the castle is cursed.


If you think you could be the courageous family to break the curse and make the most of the biggest castle in Westeros then Harrenhal is the dream property for you!


Casterly Rock

image source:http://houseofgeekery.com/2013/03/03/your-holiday-guide-to-westeros-game-of-thrones-month/


This elegant and sturdy castle is carved into the natural rock-face, fitting seamlessly into its surroundings. According to myth the castle is 6000 years old and sits on top of a major gold mine that has provided the Lannisters with their great wealth for hundreds of years.


As its name implies, the castle was formerly owned by House Casterly, until a legendary trickster, Lann the Clever, conned the Casterlies out of their much-loved abode and took it for himself.


If you think you could have been the next Lann the Clever, and taken back the castle by pulling a fast one over Tywin Lannister then Casterly Rock is the castle for you!


However given Tywin’s recent passing, you might be better off taking the castle with brute force.


Justin case that wasn’t enough incentive, this impressive property overlooks the Sunset Sea, so you’re guaranteed a room with a view!


The Red Keep

image source: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Keep

Founded by the Targaryans, this beautifully ornate homestead lies at the very heart ofKings Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. The Red Keep dominates the city’s skyline and is quite possibly the most coveted home in all the land.



If you have always imagined yourself mixing with Royals then this is the castle for you. If you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself one night and need a pick me up, then why not mosey on down to the Great Hall and take a seat on the infamous Iron Throne. A good 10 minutes in the ultimate seat of power should raise your spirits….. Or you could always order your very own life size replica of course!



As new owner of the Red Keep you will be feared and respected by pretty much everyone, as whoever dares cross you will quickly find themselves separated from their beloved bodies and sitting atop a spike on Traitors Walk. Nightmare neighbours beware!


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