Which Home Warranty Companies Are Worth It?

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Worried about finding the right home warranty company? There are so many that offer their services, so you might feel overwhelmed by the choice. And certainly, a home warranty plan is a very important decision that you should make. It will take some time to consider different providers and their plans. It is all about matching your needs with the plans that they offer and finding a reliable company that can solve your problems straight away. 

Which home warranty companies are worth it?

American Home Shield

This is one of the oldest companies on the market. You can choose between a total of four home warranty plans. According to American Home Shield reviews, they allow you to create a custom plan that suits your needs. The fee for disposal is also included in the service, so you won’t have to spend more on this.

Choice Home Warranty

The Choice Home is another reliable provider that offers a 90-day repair guarantee. You are allowed to cancel the plan within 30 days of the start, without paying anything. There is a basic plan that covers 14 of the most important appliances and home systems, while the Total Plan covers 19. You can include add-ons such as septic systems, pool, spa, well pump, and other systems for an additional fee.

Select Home Warranty

The select Home warranty has the lowest service fees, and their monthly plans start at $35. There are a total of three plans: Bronze, Golden, and Platinum. This provider covers items that others usually don’t such as roof, lawn sprinklers, and septic systems. The plans are very convenient if you have an old roof that needs frequent repairs. 

America’s First Choice Home Club

The AFC Home Club is a reliable provider. They are one of the rare companies that allow you to choose your own technician for completing the services. When your home systems or appliances fail, all you need to do is call them or submit a claim online. You are expected to pay from $75 to $125 for a service call. They have many available plans: Platinum plan, Gold plan, Silver plan, and System plan. You can include additions in the coverage for the pool, spa, hot water dispenser, sump pump, and septic system. 

Home Service Club

The Home Service Club offers two plans: Standard coverage and Comprehensive coverage. They also allow you to pay for additional add-ons if you want to cover more systems and appliances. The provider has a higher premium compared to others, but they will cover the major home systems and appliances.

To sum it up

Every company offers different plans and perks. These home warranty providers offer the best value, with different coverage plans. You should consider your needs when comparing different plans. Check their advantages and find the thing that matches your specific needs. There are other factors that you should consider such as your budget and the methods of communication with the company. 



Ref number: THSI-2405

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