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White rooms are all the rage thanks to the Scandinavian aesthetic that the design conscious have readily adopted. It’s easy to always want to shy away from white, however. We all remember what our mothers said to us about white: “don’t wear it after labour day”,”white stains too easily”, “how will you get the stain out”, “don’t bother with it”. Although your mother is probably right about most things but white is not one of them!

Here’s how to accessorize your space and turn it into the white abode that our Scandinavian sisters would envy.


In my experience a white rug always works. Always. While it can be a pain to maintain and keep clean (no shoes in the house, please!) a white rug while always add a new dimension of crispness to any room. If you’re trying to re-whitalize a living room, starting small with a white sheepskin (or faux sheepskin) is always a good option.


I’m a huge fan of candles. I am yet to run into a situation where a candle hasn’t been a useful accessory for a room. Bedrooms, living room, restrooms, entryways. Candles are king. The best part about a candle is that it’s almost impossible to get it wrong. While Yankee candles are a retail favourite, I like to get a little more bang for my buck. Ikea does an awesome vanilla Tindra candle for 1. H&M’s home collection also have amazing white scented candles.



Anytime you can incorporate flowers or plants into a room you’re taking the room to another level. White flowers (orchids, peace lillies, even cactus flowers) make can make your room look tranquil and are a great accessory to tie together a white room.



Just like an outfit, the details can end up being the most important part of a new decor scheme. If you can remember things your mother also told you to avoid, it’s being too “matchy matchy”. To compliment your white rooms and make the decor feel white but inviting instead of stark and sterile, you can infuse some elements of beige and other pops of colour. I’d recommend beige because it’s pretty hard to go wrong with beige in any instance. A beige curtain or beige ceramic candle holders can draw the eye away from the white long enough so the room feels balanced and not like a padded room in a mental hospital.



Whether you’re attempting all white decor or not, plain white walls are not the business. Think of your walls as the canvas of the room. No matter how many things you add to spruce up the furniture and decor, it still looks strange on a plain white backdrop. Having art on walls is another way to make the room more eye catching and add details of colour. Framed art can add another dimension to any room.  If you love the white but want a splash of colour, a film poster or bright piece of art can open the room right up. If you want to stick to the white decor scheme but find the thought of white framed art ridiculous (as you should), try framed black and white photography for your bare walls. 


Author : Nneka Idika

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