Why Auctions Are An Excellent Choice When Buying Property  

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The real estate market has always been an advantageous but competitive sector. Whether you are purchasing to resell, rent and lease, or own, many people are trying to find ways to gain property. However, it is not as easy and can sometimes be complicated and challenging. This is why it is essential to consider your options, with auctions being beneficial. Here are some reasons you should consider auctions when buying property. 


Expedite The Time To Ownership

One of the benefits to utilising auctions when buying property is that it helps to expedite, or speed up, the process in which you attain your properties. This is, of course, reliant on your successful bids for your desired property. However, the process is much easier once you lock in your winning bid. This is because homeowners that put up their homes for the auction have the incentive to create a home that is ready to move in as quickly as possible, as this will gain the most out of potential bidders in terms of money, closing a sale and allowing the seller to move on with their profits. Buying a home without an estate agent can take much longer, as they are viewing multiple options with their client’s interests in mind, and can end up in a bidding war that takes much longer with emails and communications regarding increases in price and demands making their way through different parties.


More Transparent

In addition to being a much faster experience for buyers, an auction is a beneficial method of purchasing a property because the information needs to be made clear and transparent to the public as it is available for bidding. This is in the buyer’s interest because having more information about a home that is up to standards will translate to minimising potential problems and risks. This benefit is transferred to the seller in terms of making the sale as easy as possible, as well as having the potential to drive up the price of the home as more people become interested and invested in a property. 

Regarding the actual auction, bidders will increase their prices incrementally, as opposed to blind bids, where you might be pressured into putting in a much larger bid for a home than you need to secure it. Lastly, buying a home through auction shows the transparency that there are no other stipulations than needing the financial abilities to win. Some home sellers are looking for specific clients that fit criteria that are not solely based on money. An auction informs you that the seller’s leading and only criterion is getting the maximum bid. 


Auctions Can Translate To Savings

Although live auctions often benefit the sellers, for the most part, resulting in higher prices with the influx of interest and constant raising of the maximum bid, auctions can also transversely result in saving money for the buyer or purchaser. It is more complex, but if you are trying to expand and build your own luxury real estate portfolio, you can maximise your purchases with research, patience, timing and a bit of luck. Depending on the real estate market at the time of your purchase, you may get a better deal as prices often begin pretty low, and if the market is not competitive, you can get a property below the asking price. 

This is because as you see the active bids, you can maintain the price you offer on the lower end. This contrasts with blind auctions or blind bids, where you are unsure of the competitors, and their max offers, potentially overbidding the property. This is not often the case and can sometimes lead to bids over budget, but you may attain the property at a steep discount, which is a massive benefit for your real estate portfolio when it occurs.    


Greater Options In Shorter Amount Of Time

Suppose you want to grow your real estate portfolio and time is of the essence. In that case, an auction can provide you with variety and choices in a smaller window of time in contrast to canvasing the market yourself or through an agent, where you have to view each property independently. Auctions typically collect and share the information of each home in an auction catalogue, allowing you to get an idea of what is immediately available within your criteria.


You Don’t Need To Physically Be Present

If you are a busy person, and time is not something that you have in abundance to spare to dedicate to an auction, you have options to still make your bids and real estate purchase. You may assign and send a proxy to be able to make bids on your behalf, following your guidelines and bid limits. Additionally, you may be present either by telephone or virtually through video. This is also an option for any auctions that occur online, where the bids are placed via computer, phone, or other connected devices. Auctions are perfect for those looking for flexibility in real estate purchases.



Certainty Of Purchase

A benefit of purchasing a property through an auction is that you have a greater certainty of the purchase. Once an auction is complete, the property is essentially owned by the person that placed the highest bid. Unlike traditional means of purchasing property, there is less time for an agreement to fall through, as this can occur for several reasons. These might occur due to the time it takes to make any agreements on the property or even just a simple breakdown of talks and communications over time. The guarantee of property ownership is a huge positive factor in auctions.


Whether you are building a portfolio of real estate properties or just looking to own your first home, there are different methods you can explore to attain such property. Auctions give you many benefits but also have some drawbacks you should be aware of. You need to consider your needs to determine what approach suits you.

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