Why is Sydney one of the Best Places to Live in the World

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Australia on many occasions has been declared as one of the top 10 countries to live. On the East Coast of Australia, you will find the most alive and breathtaking city, Sydney. Sydney is popular for its paradise-like beaches, serenity and multiculturalism. With over 250 spoken languages, the city is not only top-rated for its beauty but it also boasts of amazing work-life balance, business opportunities and friendliness.

Here are amazing reasons to move to Sydney— 

Heavenly Beaches

Sydney is most famous for being home to some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches. The beaches in Sydney will give you heaven like vibes, with over 100 beaches to choose, the city has been listed a number of times for the quality beaches and cleanliness upkeep. Stretches of white sand, Frangipani flowers, hiking tracks and rock pools—it’s simply a vast vista that boasts of cleanliness and care. The city offers beaches for everyone’s liking; from surfing and kiting, calm waters for canoeing, kayaking, snorkelling and stand-up paddleboarding, the possibilities to explore beaches and fun are unlimited. Have you found your favourite beach in Sydney yet?

Holistic Lifestyle

If you ever decide to move to Sydney, the first thing that you will realise is that there are no dull Monday’s here. Even weekdays are full of life and you can find surfers in the water before sunrise, while you will find many practising yoga on the bed of white sand or going for their morning run. Channelling your day positively beginning with exercising your body is not a challenge if you get to do it amid the beauty of salt water, clear blue sky and dolphins to keep you company! People here live with much consciousness and you will find yourself attracted to live a holistic and healthy life—becoming truly one with nature.

Living Cost

Purchasing a house in Sydney might burn a hole in your pocket and it is next to impossible to buy one; however, it is easier to find beautiful spaces on rent to kick-start your new life. It might be one of the costliest cities in the world to live, but it is all the more reason to be here and find a job for a living. Finding a job in Sydney is easier than you think and your first payday will take care of most things. If you are considering a to move to Sydney or moving home,  you’ll need the best removalists in Sydney who can help you with home removals. 

Amid Nature’s Lap

Even though Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Oceania, it is not short on natural escapades, offering the best of Earth’s secrets. Blessed with some of the worlds most unique landscapes, only a couple of hours in reach, it will leave you wonderstruck at its beauty and character. It is simply a paradise on Earth.


Sydney thrives on different cultures, inspiration, creativity and food from all corners of the world. And it is a city filled with love and excitement; overflowing with people who simply cannot wait to wake up in the morning and hit the beach for some fresh air and their morning workout. It’s a place which is spiritually sound, with vast knowledge about other cultures and a motivation to make a change in the world and within yourself. People in Sydney are the friendliest lot and will come to your aid when you need them the most.

Final Thoughts

Sydney is definitely a great place to move, whether for work, a short vacation or permanent residence. It has a great deal to offer, from different cultures to amazing people, this city is full of life and greenery. You will be amazed at people smiling at strangers or striking up a conversation with you at a shop—it could be a culture shock for many, however, it also comes as a happy surprise. Beautiful suburbs to rent out your own cosy place and vast vistas of nature just a transport away, you cannot miss a chance to be here, at least once in your lifetime!  


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