Why Turkey is a Great Place To Buy a Holiday Home

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Turkey has always had a special place in history and culture. As it veritably straddles the East and the West, this land has become something of a melting pot over the years. Turkey has adopted many international ideals, but there are still some things about this country to keep in mind if youre going on Turkey holidays or planning a big move there. Lets briefly examine some preparatory steps that will make any venture into Turkey more enjoyable.

Consider the Location Carefully

When many people are planning to hit the country, either for good or just for Turkey holidays, Istanbul and Ankara are the first places that spring to mind. However, youve got to also think about the quality of life that this eclectic country. You can laze on some of Europes finest beaches, eat in top-class restaurants and undertake all kinds of activities that you might not do at home, such as scuba diving and water skiing. The Turkish coastline is an ideal spot if you and your family wish to enjoy some fun in the sun but also partake in the urban culture.

Summer Heat

Summer is, of course, the most popular time to visit Turkey, but its climate can vary drastically between regions. The coast will offer more moderate temperatures not unlike those found in Greece or Italy. However, the inland heat can soar well above forty degrees at the height of the summer. If youre planning on visiting, these temperatures could pose a problem for young children and the elderly; and if you intend to stay, you should consider solutions to help you stay cool during this sweltering period.

Travellers’ Cheques

One of the most important aspects to consider is that unlike other European nations, the majority of Turkish shops and financial institutions wont accept these handy cheques (though if youre living in Turkey, this wont bother you so much anyway). Unfortunately, this is a fact that many visitors wont learn until they arrive. Perform any monetary exchanges well before you leave and if your bank is international in scope, its wise to make certain that a branch exists in your destination city.

Public Restroom Access

Similar to some specific locations in Europe, the majority of public toilets can only be accessed after paying a small fee (approximately 15 cents in most cases). This is to help ensure hygiene and youll be pleasantly surprised to see how clean these bathrooms are in comparison to free facilities. For this reason, it is always a good idea to keep some spare change available.

Keeping these few concerns in mind will enable any trip to Turkey to be fun and rewarding. Indeed, this destination is considered by many to be one of the worlds best-kept secrets.


Image by G.Ozcan, used under Creative Commons licence.



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