Writing From Home: A Guide

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Writing is great. It makes you think about life in interesting and complex ways. It can alleviate stress, teach you about yourself and is the perpetual motion of procrastination. Sometimes it can even be fun, too! You don’t have to be Dostoevsky to give story writing a go, and you don’t have to be Hunter S. Thompson to try a bit of journalism. All you need is enthusiasm, something to write with and our brief guide on making your home a positive writing environment.


A spacious desk

A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind. There’s something mentally refreshing about wiping off dust and clearing away miscellaneous junk. At a certain point you’ve got to stop wondering how many half-finished cups of coffee you can successfully work around and start cleaning up. You have to be dedicated if you want to finish as many books as Kafka.


A bookcase

A full bookcase is a writer’s greatest tool. What, you say – more than paper? More than ink? Absolutely. Whether it’s the magical Murakami or the melancholy Coetzee, a good book provides the mind with literary fuel and imagination.


A room with a view

Great novel by Forster, and a must-read for all budding writers.


A room with a nice view from the window

Sometimes it’s nice to stare at things. Sometimes you notice things you hadn’t noticed before, like how the tree in the garden leans slightly to one side, and when that same crow lands every morning and pecks at the seed feeder it sort of looks like it’s weighing the whole thing down. It’s nice to have some sort of visual stimulus when writing, but don’t worry if your desk isn’t right next to the window. It’s good to take a break and walk around for a bit, too.


A comfortable place to sleep

 Most people call this ‘bed’. Ever notice how the word bed looks like an actual bed? Weird. Anyway, when it comes to writing, a comfortable place to sleep is important. Thinking about a writing project while trying to sleep can be a great way to work out kinks you couldn’t while awake. The brain works differently at night, offering strange and unique perspectives. Trust us on this one, we’re scientists.*

So now you’re ready to write. When you publish a best-seller or Pulitzer prize-winning article, please be sure to mention us in the acknowledgements.

*Unlike that American indie band, we aren’t actually scientists.



by Brian Wilson

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