The DNA of a Nightmare Tenant

Property classifieds site, have commissioned a YouGov survey to find out what types of people would make the worst tenants. With competition for rental properties fierce, and multiple tenants chasing each available listing, could your bad habits be the reason you can't find a new home? Below is an overview of the YouGov survey results, including demographic breakdowns by age and location.

Question Asked:

Please imagine that you are a landlord and are looking to rent out one of your properties in the UK...

In general, which, if any, of the following types of people do you think you would not want to rent out your property to?

Overall Results:

  • Smokers - 64%

  • People using DSS (i.e. those claiming housing benefit) - 44%

  • Students - 40%

  • People with pets - 34%


Demographic Breakdown

By Age:

age breakdown

By Government Region:

regional breakdown

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